3 Ways Cutting Your Own Bangs Can End Very, Very Badly (PHOTOS)

cutting bangs

Why do we do it? Why do we cut our own bangs? Nearly every woman I know has made that beauty mistake at least once in her life, and we nearly always regret it. Sure, there's that one friend who insists she knows what she's doing and can cut her bangs perfectly. But most of us know DIY-ing it usually leads to woe and tears.

Heck, sometimes even when someone else does the cutting, we still regret the bangs!

So let's take a moment out of our busy days to look at photos of women with very bad bangs -- and while we're giggling at their hair horrors, let's also find out what you can actually do about these terrible hair mistakes.


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Have you ever had a good experience cutting your own bangs -- or only bad, bad memories? 

Image © iStock/sdominick