I Wear My Pajamas to School Dropoff -- Can It, Judgy Moms!

mom and son at door

Hello fellow parents. It's me, that total slob at dropoff. And you know what? I don't care if you don't like it.

Once upon a time I had a sense of propriety. I wouldn't step out the door in yoga pants unless I were actually going to yoga class. I brushed my hair. I put on makeup. Verily, I pulled myself together before I walked my son to the school bus stop every morning. Why? Because I had standards.

And then I got a life.


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Now I am one of those moms with bed hair, leggings, and sneakers at dropoff. On a good morning, I'll roll out of bed as early as I can and go running. Then I have just enough time to wipe off the sweat, toast my son a couple of waffles, pack his lunch, and run for the bus. And by run, I mean literally run, because we're usually behind and the bus doesn't stick around for slackers.

If I don't exercise in the morning, it's because I've had a late night (see above re: having a life), which means I'm basically rolling out of bed and getting us out the door in whatever I slept in.

So why not get up earlier? Because it's all I can do to get up when I do! I can motivate myself to exercise at 6:30, but I can't motivate myself to get up extra early so I'll look more presentable at dropoff. There is ZERO incentive for that, people. And no, I can't fit my workout later into my working day. There's no room. And no, I can't just stop working out. Because I'll go insane.

There are some parents who look quite put together at dropoff. I think we've all seen these moms (and dads, congratulations on shaving before 7:30 a.m. every day). I imagine it must feel pretty great to be fully dressed, made-up, hair neatly styled. Good for you, Fine Upstanding Parents!

So what's your deal? Are you just the kind of person who "doesn't need" seven to eight hours of sleep? Are you in bed by 9 every night? Not much else going on in your life, so you might as well look great for the bus driver -- who sees us for all of 10 seconds?

Maybe there's a time-warp for parents no one has told me about that enables you to get dressed, make the perfect nutritious bento-style lunch, feed the kids a hot meal, and show up BEFORE the bus arrives.

Or maybe your priorities are different. You value appearances. I value sleep and exercise.

Oh, I'm just teasing! But seriously, all I ask is that you not judge. Okay? We're all living varied and challenging lives. This is just the beginning of the heaps of disapproval I am dished out from parents week after week. Don't even get me started on the parents who look at me cock-eyed because we're running for the bus. YOU find me that extra five minutes in the morning, if you're so efficient with your time!

And while I can shake off a judgy look, the accumulation of judgy looks over time makes us collectively weaker. It's just clothes, you know? Is it really worth it, to create bad energy in the world first thing in the morning? Maybe you feel better about yourself for five seconds, but is the world a better place for your judgment?

Come on, moms. We can do better.

How do you feel about wearing pajamas to school dropoff?


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