Young Mom's Breast Implants Explode & Nearly Kill Her

A 30-year-old mom was so unhappy with her "sagging" breasts that she took a big risk -- and is lucky to be alive today.

Claire Hawker, a mother of two and a beauty therapist, says that her breasts began drooping after the birth of her first child, who is now 17. And, if that wasn't bad enough, she says she's had to deal with breasts that are uneven -- one is a size B cup and the other is a C cup.

Like so many other women, she decided to take the plunge and get breast implants. But as a single mom, she didn't have big bucks to shell out on the procedure, so she got a "bargain boob job." Big mistake. Just days after she emerged from her cheap surgeon with G-cup breasts, they began to leak. Then, she says, they nearly exploded.


Considering her line of work, it doesn't seem odd that Hawker was able to get a recommendation from a friend for an inexpensive plastic surgeon in Prague. She spent about $6,500 in total for airfare and the surgery, which is about a third of how much it would have cost Hawker to get implants.

Hawker woke up two hours after her operation and says she was in excruciating pain. Since she didn't expect to be comfortable after the procedure, she didn't sweat it. But the pain didn't go away. And, after she returned home and decided to finally unravel her bandages to see the final product, she was stunned: her breasts were leaking smelly brown discharge.

Even worse: The skin under her breasts had started to split open and her implant was actually poking out!

A doctor at the hospital basically told Hawker that if she didn't have both implants removed immediately she could die.

And her misery didn't end there. She had to return to the hospital every two weeks for a year to have her breasts checked and she says her chest looked even worse than ever. You'd think someone who went through hell and back thanks to a botched plastic surgery job would call it quits and just play up her beautiful eyes or hair or legs or whatever instead of focusing on her boobs. But Hawker said she couldn't possibly leave her chest the way it was. She agreed to appear in a UK documentary called Botched Up Bodies in return for free cosmetic surgery.

And, yes, in case you're wondering, Hawker's breasts are bigger these days.

By all means, if you don't like something about your body, fix it if you can. Fix it if you think that will boost your confidence. But if you simply can't afford plastic surgery -- if you're borrowing from friends and family and going into hock for a pair of breasts -- it may be time to stop and think about whether it's really worth it. And, if it is, why not save your money and plan on getting the procedure -- and getting it done safely, by a well-regarded medical professional -- in five or six years?

Few good things happen when we seek instant gratification. Especially when it comes to our bodies.

If you were this woman, would you have gone in for a second breast implant procedure or left well enough alone after the first botched experience?


Image via TheArches/Flickr

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