Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie's Wedding Ring Details -- Revealed! (PHOTOS)

brad pitt angelina jolie

We are still a-twitter over Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's secret wedding over the weekend, and we're dying to show you the dress ... except there are no photos of it yet. Still! But in the meantime we have found a few details about Brangelina's wedding rings.

Back when they were engaged, Pitt helped design Jolie's spectacular 16-carat diamond ring with luxury jeweler Robert Procop. So it's no surprise that the couple turned to Procop again to design the wedding bands.


Procop confirmed to Us Weekly today that he designed their rings. We haven't caught sight of Jolie's wedded hand. But when Pitt appeared at a press event for his movie, Fury, he was conspicuously flashing his left ring finger. Have a look!

brad pitt wedding ring

Not too subtle, are we, Pitt? Let's have a closer look.

brad pitt wedding band

What the -- a gold band?!? What a radical choice for a newly married man!

Oh we jest. It is awfully shiny, though, isn't it? Knowing Pitt and Jolie, it's probably more than just a gold band. I wouldn't be surprised if there were special engravings and maybe even some tiny diamonds in there, too. (In 2010 Jolie launched a special line of jewelry with Procop benefiting the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict charity.)

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Procop told ABC News that Pitt spent a whole year collaborating on Jolie's engagement ring, adding: "He wanted every aspect of it to be perfect." Interesting ... and telling.

No doubt the Pitt-Jolies had a specific vision for their wedding bands, too. But with that blinding bling Jolie already has for her engagement ring, I suspect her wedding band is probably something simpler, maybe matching her husband's simple ring.

What do you think Jolie's wedding band looks like -- simple like her husband's or extravagant like her engagement ring?


Images via SWNS / Splash News

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