My Best Beauty Secret

woman and her daughter

I have a beauty secret and her name is Olivia. Olivia is not my beautician. She is not my hairdresser. She is my daughter.

Ever since she first learned to talk, Olivia has made me feel beautiful.

“My mommy’s pretty!” she would say to everyone from the grocery store clerk to the mail carrier to friends and family members who came to visit.

My gut reaction was to shrug off her praises with comments like “Oh, please! With these wrinkles!” or “Not with this flabby belly/blotchy skin/or other defect only I can see.”


It’s just not natural to accept compliments, at least for me. I know I’m not movie star beautiful, but to my daughter, I am a living, breathing beauty queen. I realized that the way I reacted to her commentary would actually make an impact on my little daughter’s ever-evolving search for self.

“But, not as pretty as my Olivia!” was the standard response I came up with. I did not deny my own beauty and I passed the compliment right back to her.

And you know what? All that beauty-sharing talk seems to have worked. Even though I am clearly aging, I feel more attractive than I have felt in years. Some of it, I know, has to do with my skin care regimen. I am a Dove mother through and through. I use Dove Beauty Bar and moisturizer every day, keeping my skin feeling firm and elastic. When you feel good on the outside, it makes you feel good on the inside.

I didn’t always feel this way, but Olivia has brought the best out in me. There’s something about having a beautiful little girl with flawless skin sitting on the footstool in the bathroom completely mesmerized as her mom moisturizes her “pretty” face that makes me feel like I can conquer the world.

But first, I’m going to make sure she always feels secure in her own skin. It is our responsibility as parents to make sure our children have the confidence they need to thrive in today’s world. It doesn’t matter if you are cookie-cutter perfect or a little flawed like the rest of us. We need to raise daughters who are comfortable in their own skin so they can grow up to become the strong women they are capable of being.

Every day I am amazed at how much I have learned from my daughter. Imagine, a simple response to a simple statement like “My mommy’s pretty!” making all the difference.

We are all beautiful. We just have to believe it. And share it. 


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