These Clear Platform Sandals Have a Truly Unique Secret

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Just the other day I found myself carrying a diaper bag, heavy purse, and my 5-month-old on a quick trip to the store. My back hurt and I'm sure I looked like a donkey. I'm not saying an innovative-as-all-hell new pair of clear platform shoes by Nasty Gal is the solution to all of my bag-lady problems, but it certainly wouldn't hurt.

So here's the deal: Nasty Gal has created a totally transparent, strappy shoe called the YRU Surize Platform that you can actually fill. With stuff. With stuff that you won't have to put in your purse, which could possibly mean fewer shoulder pains and the ability to swing your arms back and forth while you walk like you're some kind of carefree teen again.

Anyone else ready to explore this option?


So the bad news is that these babies are going to cost you a cool $150. Which isn't a totally crazy amount to spend on shoes but might be kinda nuts to spend on an uber-trendy style that you can't exactly wear every day of the week.

Here's what might make them worth the money: if you have a creative bone in your body, you can design a new pair of platforms every damn day if you own these shoes. So say it's Monday and you've got a case of the beginning-of-the-week blues -- don't even sweat it. Dump a case of glitter into your shoes because it's impossible to feel down when you're all sparkly. Can't find a shoe to match your outfit? No worries -- fill your platform with a bunch of green or aqua crayons and you're set.

Here are some other amazing possibilities:

Money. Credit cards. And best of all: loose change.

Three or four lipsticks and lip balm.

A few diapers and a pack of wipes = instant diaper bag.

Margarita mix. Wait, what? Did I say that?

Would you buy these clear platform shoes? What would you keep in them?


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