How to Do a Gel Manicure at Home (PHOTOS)

manicureI got my first gel manicure a couple summers ago. As someone whose manicures typically last about two days I was thrilled that the new treatment lasted a whole month. But when I showed my sister she said, "Lovely! Promise me you'll never do it again."

Why? Because the downside of gel manicures is that removing the enamel is rough on your nails. Plus, the in-salon curing process exposes you to UV rays, which are a slight skin cancer risk. And finally, the manicures are pretty dang expensive.

It was just a matter of time before smart beauty companies came up with the ultimate compromise: At-home gel manicures that don't require a special UV lamp. Here's how they work.

diy gel manicure

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Have you tried a gel manicure, in-salon or at-home, yet? What did you think?


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lizilli lizilli

My biggest problem with the gel manicure was that the top of my entire nail was filed first, to create a surface for the polish to stick to, or so I was told my my manicurist.  This ruined my nails for many months.  A gel manicure is not something that you can easily go back from.  Does this process still require the sanding off of the top of my nail surface before color application?

bugaem bugaem

I have been doing gel manicure at the salon regularly for over a year. It costs $25 each t ime, plus i pay $20 for a pedicure, which brings me to around $50 every time ago, which is only once evry 3-4 weeks. I think it is not bad, considering my na ils look perfect the whole time, they just grow out, but they are not chipped. Saves me so much time and effort to do it myself at home, and it never turns out that pretty anyway, so I happily pay that $50 once amonth or so. I love gel manicure. They do this filing of the nail thing and if you were to decide to stop, then you would have to wait until your nails grow out completely for them to look normal again. But it doesnt take to much time, and also you can just put a coat o clear nail polish to make them look nice, so really it's not bad. Have not tried this at home gel manicure thing, and I'm not sure i want to.

Subhasis Mahalik

As your nails now appear immaculate as well as healthy and perfect time to choose your most loved color.

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