Ripped Messy 'Boyfriend Jeans' Are Fall's Worst Trend

boyfriend jeansGood news for those of you who love to appear as disheveled as humanly possible: this fall it will be even easier to look like a total mess, thanks to the latest jeans trend. Coming to us straight from the bowels of 1987, fashion designers have, yet again, resurrected a popular favorite: distressed boyfriend jeans, otherwise known as ripped jeans that appear shapeless from the thighs down and that you must pair with six-inch leopard-print heels so that the world doesn't mistake you for a teenage boy.

A teenage boy who emerged from a time machine after spending the night tailgating before the big Bon Jovi concert.

boyfriend jeansA little tear here or there on your jeans can make you look like you aren't trying too hard, which is always sexy. Throw a fitted blazer, T-shirt, ballet slippers, and a classic necklace or scarf in the mix and you've got a look that you can almost wear to the office on casual Friday -- but should probably save for a weekend autumn brunch date.

But this damn boyfriend cut -- why? Why must designers insist we hide our shapes and wear denim that actually sags in the front where, I suppose, our packages are supposed to be? If you're curvy, this look does little to show off your best assets, and if, like me, you're straighter than a bean pole, you just feel like your jeans are wearing you.

And then there's the little question that always gets lots of women riled up: are these age appropriate? A pair of straight-legged ripped denim jeans began calling my name about a month after I gave birth to my second child. Maybe I needed to own something young; something that would totally clash with my nursing cover-up. I bought them. I wear them -- a lot -- probably more than I should. And it never fails, anytime I'm around friends or my husband, I hear some snide remark that begins, "Hey, 1988 called ..."

Very funny, guys.

Yes, I realize I just passed the same judgment over these ripped boyfriend jeans. I realize I'm a hypocrite. And I guess I've also summed up why designers keep giving women ripped jeans. Once in awhile, you just want to feel like a 10-year-old who tore her pants playing a mean game of hopscotch.

Do you like the distressed boyfriend jean trend?


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Kediset Kediset

I never understood the boyfriend's clothes fads...  I just find it weird and a little creepy in a way.

Rhodin Rhodin

I could save a fortune by buying regular men's jeans and ripping them myself.

PinkB... PinkButterfly66

I never, ever understood the concept of paying good money for ripped clothing.  Or thinking ripped jeans were 'dressy'.  I save my ripped jeans for painting and other messy jobs around the house.  The only time I'd consider going out in public in them is for a quick trip to the home improvement store for something I needed for the job I was working on.

lasombrs lasombrs

Every pair of jeans i own is ripped. lol. I buy them new and after a month or two of chasing two toddlers they rip. I just keep wearing them. Buying a new pair tthat will look the same in a month or so seems wasteful to me. Mine aren't boyfriend style though. Most are flare or bootcut. But horray for being a trendsetter without even trying :) lol!!

Juliet Grace

Give me these any day over skinny jeans, muffin tops, tramp stamps, g-strings and butt cracks! Lol

nonmember avatar me

The closer i got to 30 the more conscious i became of the clothes i wore. i have a pair that has a small rip in them, but most of mine are dark wash, bootcut, well fitting jeans. i could never buy a pair thats shredded, just seems very inappropriate, and im still only 33.

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