16-Year-Old 'Human Barbie' Is the Most Jaw-Dropping Yet (PHOTOS)

human barbie lolita richi

The most famous "human Barbie," Valeria Lukyanova, and her predecessor, Alina Kovalevskaya, better watch their backs, because there's a brand new living doll in town. And she's the youngest yet! Lolita Richi from Ukraine is just 16 years old. Richi, who has popular followings on both Facebook and the Russian version of the social network, VK, says she's even never heard of Lukyanova, but it doesn't matter anyway, because, as she tells The Daily Mail, "I think I've achieved this image better than anyone else."

And as if that wasn't audacious enough, get this: The 5'4" mini-bombshell claims that she owes none of her 20-inch waist and 32F bra size to plastic surgery or Photoshop. Apparently, she's attained her look simply by pilfering a few of her mom's wigs, a reasonably priced pair of contact lenses, and a push-up bra she claims to use to "enhance" what Mother Nature gave her. Uh-huh ...

Here, two of the most shocking shots of the unbelievably Barbie-esque teen.



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Pretty doubtful that's all au naturel. But at least you've gotta give Richi, who reportedly aspires to be a psychologist, credit for having the whole act down pat by asserting that she was just born this way/got it from her mama/woke up like this, etc.

That said, it sounds like she's a staunch believer in "correcting" your flaws, telling the Mail:

I started dressing up like this because I want to look perfect. I think that all women should be well-kept and immaculate. I wanted to be my own inspiration. If a girl doesn't have beautiful eyes, then they should wear contact lenses to sort it out. If they have a crooked nose, then she must do something about it, whether that's plastic surgery or not.

Wouldn't be surprised if she's taken her own advice to end up looking more Barbie than human in her quest to look what she believes is "perfect" ... yet what many of us would define as sad, disturbing, troubling, or at the very least, all sorts of phony.

What do you think about the youngest Human Barbie's look and story?

Image via Lolita Richi/Facebook

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