Finding Your Fall Rhythm

The 1 Hair Remedy Your Summer-Damaged Locks Need Right Now

woman cutting hair in a salon

The musical Hair once celebrated hair that grew "long as God could grow it." For most of us, especially if you are in your mid-30s or older, that's simply too long. Anything longer than my shoulder blades feels sinfully youthful and perhaps unflattering. But when is the best time of year to get your hair chopped? If you only get one professional cut a year, when should that be?

It turns out: RIGHT NOW. Or at least in the next few weeks.

"The best and most exciting time to get a haircut is in the fall," says Rodney Cutler, owner of the New York-based Cutler Salons. "It's a great time to give your hair a boost of TLC after the summer damage from sun, salt, and being outdoors. Also, I find that most clients are ready for a change this time of year."

Hair is a funny thing. No matter what we do with it (and when), everyone from our stylist to our parents has an opinion. Cut it short? Your husband is likely to freak. Keep it long? You are too old to wear it that way! On and on it goes. Of course, our hair is our own and it is the one part of our body that we can change and shift and primp in whatever way we desire without worrying about it long term. After all, it grows back.

But even if you are the "never touch your hair and let it grow natural" type, all hair needs a periodic clean-up to stay healthy. "There is a perception that hair grows faster in the spring and summer," Cutler says. "But it's really more a result of clients wanting to grow their hair out in order to be able to pull it back during the warmer months.

"The summer is when hair tends to experience the most damage from wear and tear (hair is exposed to the elements more and pulled into elastics frequently resulting in dry, broken locks)," he says.

That means right now, you may be sitting on a world of damage. So why not get a few inches chopped or go for something chicer and more exciting?

Of course, it's not just about the cut. There is also color to consider, says celebrity stylist Charles Baker Strahan. "I recommend lowlights to add warmth and depth to your color [in the fall]," he says. "However, if you wear your hair shorter, I actually recommend keeping it shorter during the summer and then allowing it to grow out during the fall and winter months. It's a great time to experiment with different layers and lengths."

Make sense, right? Less chlorine, salt water, and sun exposure do make for healthier hair.

Fall is a time of new beginnings in every way. New school year. New supplies. New clothing. So treating yourself to a fresh new hairstyle makes perfect sense!

Do you get your hair cut in the fall?

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Tracys2 Tracys2

I might. It's been a few years. Wonderful years, when nobody was awkward about small talk, or tried to sell me any products! But if I'm spending $15 on a cut and tip, that is all the money they're getting from me, at least till my hair pays itself off by someone approaching me for a better job.

Also, I have seen long, grey hair and I ADORE it. Some day, that is my goal <3

godde... goddess99

I usually get my hair done closer to Christmas.

Jukeb... Jukebox_Jenny

I actually changed mine up halfway through the summer this year.

lizzig lizzig

i keep my hair cut very short so i get it cut often. 

my daughter got her first "real" haircut in june, before she only had it trimmed, it was down to her bottom & one length.  she went with me when i got my hair done in june & was only going to get a trim.  she decided while she was in the chair she wanted a change & got it cut with long layers to her shoulder blades.  she's debating if she wants to keep it like it is or grow it out again so not sure when she'll be getting another hair cut.

Kmakk... Kmakksmom

I got all of my old dye cut out back in February and haven't dyed or cut it since. It's shoulder length now.

LaniBee LaniBee

I have long, curly hair and I like it the way it is. I don't mess with it too much.

la_be... la_bella_vita

I don't mess with my hair a whole lot

Madel... Madelaine

I get it cut regualrly

Bob192 Bob192

Yes, I try to get it cut every few months.  It is very thick and I have to thin it out or it drives me nuts!!

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