8 Brilliant Hairstyle Hacks for an Effortless, Natural Look (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Aug 26, 2014 Beauty & Style
8 Brilliant Hairstyle Hacks for an Effortless, Natural Look (PHOTOS)

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If you find yourself pressed for time but still want to look your best, don't worry. We've got you covered.

Whether you're looking for a new up-do or want to know how to rock a head wrap like you just stepped off a runway, we found hairstyling hacks to help get you glamorous and out the door in a flash.

The following are 8 hairstyling hacks you may not have tried.

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What's your secret for quick and easy hairstyles?

Image via Corbis/AdaSummer

  • Quick Side Braid


    Image via HairTutorials/Facebook

    Don't have time to curl your hair or create a fancy updo? Consider this side braid for a quick but classic look. 

  • Messy Bun


    Image via hairideas/Instagram

    This is a perfect style for those with long hair and little time. The quick, messy bun is a great alternative to the ponytail. 

  • Fishtail Braid


    Image via HairTutorials/Facebook

    Learn how to make this easy side fishtail braid for a look all will envy.

  • Hairspray on a Toothbrush


    Image via Liz Alterman

    Looking for new ways to calm those fly-away and baby hairs? Spritz a toothbrush with some hairspray and comb through your hair. Problem solved!

  • 3 Braids Turn Into an Elegant Updo


    Image via Hairhacks/Instagram

    Who would've thought three separate braids could come together in one elegant updo? No one will ever suspect that this gorgeous look was relatively effortless.

  • Bobby Pins


    Image via Liz Alterman

    Want to get those bobby pins to stay put? Put them in wavy side down. Placed wavy side up, they're more likely to slide right out. 

  • Head Scarves


    Image via GettyImages/DimitriosKambouris

    You don't have to be Rihanna to pull off a headwrap (of course, it helps, but still). Head scarves and wraps were all the rage on the runways this year. Want to know how to do it yourself? Check out this tutorial for some ideas. 

  • Easy, No Heat Waves


    Image via Corbis/JorisHaas

    Creating these easy waves requires no heat and most of the styling can be done the night before. Yay!


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