Moms Flaunt Stretch Marks & Learn to Love Their Post-Baby Bodies (PHOTO)

love your lines

Many moms have a love-hate relationship with their bodies. Yes, it's incredibly amazing that you're able to grow one or more human beings inside yourself. When you think about that, you're completely in awe. 

But then there are those other moments, like when you find yourself beneath the unflattering glare of the fluorescent lights of just about every fitting room, and suddenly you're cringing. (I've often joked that I'd rather see a rattlesnake in a dressing room than catch a glimpse of my own sagging behind!) 

It's hard not to focus on every flaw, especially when society foists perfection (albeit sometimes the Photoshopped variety) in our faces constantly. And, let's face it, after having one or more children, it's probably unrealistic to think our bodies, especially our skin, haven't undergone some serious changes. 

A new Instagram campaign, Love Your Lines, aims to change those negative feelings and empower women to love the skin they're in. 


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Started by two moms, who are choosing to remain anonymous but agree it's time to celebrate rather than denigrate our bodies, the account has garnered close to 10,000 followers since the first photo posted on August 12.

As one contributor points out, "I know stretch marks do not discriminate when it comes to weight or size. I love my lines, I flaunt them at the beach or pool side with friends.”

Choosing to view those little lines as a road map of the journey your body has taken, as souvenirs from giving life to your babies, or even as battle scars from bouts, won and lost, with your weight, makes them -- and us -- seem more powerful and, subsequently, more beautiful. 

When we usually talk about stretch marks, the focus is on how to prevent them or how to get of them. It's refreshing to change the conversation and make it a positive one

Sure, I'll never look like I did at 22 again, but I have so much more in my life to celebrate than I did then. And I wouldn't trade any of it for flawless skin. 

Women wishing to share their "love lines" can email photos to the following address:

Do you see your stretch marks as badges of honor or something to hide? 

Images ©; via Instagram/loveyourlines



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JS0512 JS0512

I had my first baby at 21 and got a LOT of stretch marks. I hated how I looked naked & kept the lights off during sex. Until I met my current boyfriend when I was 26. I was self conscious the first time I was naked with him, but I could see that it didn't bother him. We've been together over 8 years, have had more pregnancies and I have never felt more beautiful thank I do now. Stretch marks an all. I do think of them as badges of honor. My body did amazing things & I'm proud of it.

Momme... MommeeTo4

I didn't get any even after having 5 kids, I don't have any.

Thanks dad for the good genetics, my mom has them so it has to be dad's genes.

Twins... Twins-Momma

I have mixed feelings about them ... I carried twins to 38 weeks ( full term for twins) so obviously I was pretty big and I had fast growth spurts during my pregnancy not to mention what the swelling during the last week of my pregnancy did to the back of my knees. Oh and let's not forget how huge my breasts got and quickly ( I was a 32 DD per pregnancy went up to a 34 I during nursing and now a 32 G) I am very proud of all that my bday accomplished bringing my twin girls into this world and nourishing them for 20 months . In addition to all these stretch marks my ab muscles are also damaged from pregnancy. Even dropping weight down to only 5lbs more than ore pregnancy I look like I am 5 months pregnant. I want to love my post baby body but struggle with it. I think if I could repair the muscle damage to my abs I could handle the stretch marks.

cmw327 cmw327

I'm on my 2nd baby and still no stretch marks.. I'm in my third trimester too.. Only thing I do is rub palmers coco butter on my belly at least twice a day..

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