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4 Stylish Mamas Share Their 'Mom Uniform' (PHOTOS)

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Do you have a "mom uniform"? Maybe you don't wear exactly the same thing every single day. But we all have a default outfit that we rely on all the time when we're having a busy morning. And let's face it, isn't every morning a busy one if you're a mom? Mine is skinny jeans, V-neck T-shirt, and blazer with boots. It covers me from school drop-off to the office and back home again. 

I asked some of my friends around the country what their "mom uniforms" are and was amazed at how different they all look. Each of these women lead very different lives, and you can definitely tell by the way they express themselves through their outfits.

What's your mom uniform, and what does it say about you?

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1Carissa's Style: Pixie Mama

Carissa is a stay-at-home mom to two who loves baking and photography. Her feminine style has a creative, off-beat twist. She'll kill me for saying this, but her style is so Amelie -- in a great way! She lives in dresses -- when it gets cold, she adds leggings, wedge booties, and a cardigan. 

3JaneAnne's Style: Crunchy Mom

JaneAnne left her New York City life as an Ivy League-educated corporate lawyer to settle in the Pacific Northwest and raise three genius kids. Attachment parenting? Yes. Feminist? Affirmative. She's mostly no-nonsense with just a little bit of quirky.

5JT's Style: Butt-Kicking Athlete Mom

JT is a mom of two who works from home three days a week and loves to run. By the time you're crawling out of bed, she's already ran six miles and loved it. Because she works from home three days a week, she tends to stay in her workout gear. (The other two weekdays she rocks a stylish office casual look.)

7Sylvia's Style: Globetrotting World-Saving Mama

Sylvia jokes that her style is "lady consultant." She works for an NGO that helps women become economically independent -- when she's not doting on her 1-year-old son.


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