How to Wear a Tutu Without Looking Like a Little Girl (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Aug 18, 2014 Beauty & Style

tulle skirt etsyEver since I abandoned ballet as a little girl, I've been waiting for this: an excuse to wear a tutu. Since becoming a grown-up, it's been looking pretty bleak. You just don't walk around dressed like a ballerina, at least not if you want to be taken seriously. But I think the tutu may be having a moment this year! I could be wrong, but I swear, I've been seeing tutus everywhere -- yes, for grown-up women.

Can I pull it off? DARE I pull it off? It all depends on the styling. It just so happens that there are ways to wear a tulle skirt without looking like a little girl playing dress-up. Here are 9 styles we think any mom can pull off.


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Images Champagne over ivory tulle tutu skirt ($145 at TutusChicBoutique/Etsy), ©

  • Carrie Bradshaw Updated


    Image via TutusChicBoutique/Etsy

    Carrie Bradshaw wore her pink tulle skirt with a tank top in the opening sequence of Sex in the City -- and we loved it. It's still a great look, especially here with this more grown-lady color, pink. And to make it even less ballerina, she's added a cool, chunky necklace over her simple white tank. (women's tulle skirt in peach, $200 at TutusChicBoutique/Etsy)

  • With a Crop Top


    Image via space46boutique/Instagram

    A cropped T-shirt or blouse is a flirty way to top a tulle skirt. I like the black stripes with the black skirt. Party hat is optional! (The Wendy tulle skirt, $72 at Space64Boutique)


  • Monochromatic Neutrals


    Image via BlushFashion/Etsy

    Going with all one color is a simple, elegant way to wear a tulle skirt, especially if you stick with neutrals. This doesn't look at all costumey thanks to the grown-up palette. (Gold brown tulle skirt, $80 at BlushFashion/Etsy)

  • Rocker Chic


    Image via vivislookbook/Instagram

    When designer Jean Paul Gautier styled a tutu with a black motorcycle jacket, it became an instant classic. This pale gray version is toned down and sophisticated -- also quite a bit softer without being the least bit prissy. (The Wendy tulle skirt, $92 at Space46Boutique)

  • With Striped Shirt


    Image via stylishpetite/Instagram

    The tulle skirt goes preppy with a striped sailor T-shirt -- which looks even better with those hot pink shoes! (The Stamp Dots tulle skirt, $72 at Space46Boutique)

  • Tomboy Tutu


    Image via thebigbangtheory/Instagram

    Another great way to rough up the tulle skirt is to wear it tomboy style, with a printed T-shirt. This would look even better with a pair of Converse sneakers. (The Wendy tulle skirt, $92 at Space46Boutique)

  • Country Style


    Image via joanna_karolina/Instagram

    A tulle skirt makes a cowgirl denim shirt and brown belt super femme. (For similar look: women's tulle skirt in peach, $200 at TutusChicBoutique/Etsy)

  • With Boots


    Image via modaprints/Instagram

    Boots with a tutu are just the right combination of hard and soft. By the way, you don't have to wear a tulle skirt with a slip top -- this boxy jacket works great, too. (For similar look: The Wendy tulle skirt, $92 at Space46Boutique)

  • Go Punk


    Image via Kohl's

    These hot separates are coming soon from Kohl's holiday collection. I love the pink and gray sweatshirt over the skirt. Neither of these are available yet, but be on the lookout for them in the fall!


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