10 Hot Hair Color Ideas From Gorgeous Hollywood Celebs (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Aug 26, 2014 Beauty & Style
10 Hot Hair Color Ideas From Gorgeous Hollywood Celebs (PHOTOS)

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Who doesn't want to look like a celebrity? If you haven't been cast in the next big blockbuster just yet, you can still look (a bit) like a Hollywood A-lister by mimicking the most coveted hair colors for fall 2014

Which hues make us swoon? Glad you asked! Many shades of red, rich as the color of autumn leaves, abound. Warm honey blondes are also popular. The ombre is still in season but softened a bit by a more gradual effect. And that's not all! 

"The change in season is always a great excuse to change your look," explains Carlina Ortega, colorist at the Rita Hazan Salon. "Fall is no exception. Hair color trends are always changing. Altering your look slightly, going deeper or darker in color, is always a great idea for the cooler weather. It adds shine back into your hair that the hot sun stripped away. Your locks will need that extra nourishment for the windy, lower temps."

The following are 10 celebrity hair colors we covet for fall.

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Which celebrity has the hair color you'd most like to copy? 


Image via GettyImages/GarethCattermole

  • Christina Hendricks


    Image via GettyImages/BenA.Pruchnie

    Does Christina Hendricks' flame-colored hair ever go out of style? We don't think so!

  • Michelle Williams


    Image via GettyImages/LarryBusacca

    "Platinum is still the 'it' color that people are asking for," Ortega says. "People will still be wanting Michelle Williams' and Gwen Steffani's color. Again, it's all about the right tone for each individual, so darker skin tones will look great with a warmer tone like beige or honey. Lighter skin tones will work best with cooler tones like white or silver."

    Are you bold enough to go platinum?

  • Katy Perry


    Images via GettyImages/Imeh Akpanudosen

    Raven-haired singer Katy Perry has gone back to black, her natural shade, and she looks fabulous. Her darkened locks really make her eyes pop!

  • Jessica Chastain


    Image via GettyImages/VittorioZuninoCelotto

    Rose-gold isn't just for jewelry anymore. We love Jessica Chastain's warmly hued tresses. Plus, they're perfect with her skin tone.

  • Nicole Richie


    Image via GettyImages/ImehAkpanudosen

    "You'll still be seeing people playing with wild colors like Nicole Richie, who went from a lavender to a turquoise," Ortega says. 

    Not ready to rock this 'do full-time? Don't worry!

    "The great thing about these wild colors is you can just have fun with them and you don't always have to commit," the colorist adds. "You can use products like Rita Hazan Pop Color that washes out with one shampoo and see what color works best for you." 

  • Kate Mara


    Image via GettyImages/Andrew H. Walker

    "Fall hair color trends will include softer ombres, or 'Sombre,' instead of the dramatic very light to dark ombre of the past," Ortega notes. "Sombre works on all skin colors as long as it's the right tone and customized for each individual. Olive to darker skin tones look best with colors like caramel, mocha, and chocolate as opposed to honey and rose gold colors which are more flattering on lighter skin."

    We love Kate Mara's gradual ombre look. The colors blend softly, with depth at the root leading to lighter tips, and complement her skin tone. Sarah Hyland and Khloe Kardashian also work this look to their advantage.


  • Amy Adams


    Images via GettyImages/Dimitrios Kambouris/Staff

    Amy Adams' warm strawberry locks are always in season, don't you think? But they're particularly perfect for fall and the holiday season. 

  • Debby Ryan


    Image via GettyImages/JasonMerritt

    Does blonde ever go out of style? Debby Ryan's golden tresses are definitely in for fall.

  • Jennifer Lawrence


    Image via GettyImages/PascalLeSegretain

    We think Jennifer Lawrence has never looked better with her light brown locks accented with blonde highlights. 

  • Blake Lively


    Image via GettyImages/MikeCoppola

    The honey-blonde halo of Mrs. Ryan Reynolds is one we covet and we know we're not alone. Not that Blake ever looks anything less than perfect, but we love this shade with her skin tone.

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