Victoria's Secret Shows Us the Sexy Way to Cook Dinner (VIDEO)

lily aldridge victoria's secretLet's say you're cooking dinner for your husband or some friends, and the kitchen is in a room quite separate from the dining room. And let's say you have a series of mishaps, and you keep splashing food on your clothes. Oh dear ... what to do?

Well, if you're Victoria's Secret model Lily Aldridge, you continue cooking in your underwear, naturally. That's what happens in the lingerie store's latest shoppable video ad.

Aldridge is a good cook, but she's a total klutz in the kitchen, which is something I can relate to. Gazpacho flies everywhere, a goblet full of wine breaks on her, and she even spills oil on herself. Good thing she looks so amazing in her undies, because that's what she finally resorts to wearing as she finishes preparing her meal. Because don't we all make dinner in our skivvies?

There's one thing about it I didn't expect, though.


You read "Victoria's Secret" and you probably picture slinky, lacy, bright-colored lingerie. But here, Aldridge is prancing about her kitchen in their toned-down New.Simple.Sexy collection. It's all matte earth tones here, practically Gap underwear except a wee bit more glamorous. But maybe you have to have a supermodel's body to get that effect.

Oh, and you can shop the video by clicking on looks that you like. So that's new, too. Now you get to see how the clothes look on a body in motion, not just on a static image of a model.

And again, I just have to point out, you're seeing how these bras and panties look on a Victoria's Secret model. Results may vary, to say the least.

I think this is VS' attempt to give us something that feels casual and homey (because even sex kittens need to dial it down every once in a while), but still sexy. And what could be more sexy than cooking in your underwear while your guests confess they're falling in love with you? We've all been there, right? Totally.

Do you ever cook in your underwear at home when the kids aren't around?


Image via Victoria’s Secret/YouTube

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