How to Do a Simple Classic Bun in a Snap (PHOTOS)

how to make a classic bun, hairstyles, cafemom solutions classic bunI have a confession to make: I am awful at doing hair. The 12-year-old girl I babysit is the one who braids my hair, not the other way around. I'm useless! For convenience, I find myself either putting it up in a ponytail or wearing it down and letting it do whatever it wants. Fancy hairdos are not in my skill set. 

It does get a little boring, though, wearing the same two hairstyles all the time, and I like looking for quick and easy ways to change it up and look a little more sophisticated. Doing a glamorous up-do like a bun always seemed complicated to me, but it turns out that with the right technique, it can be easier than it looks. So easy that even I can do it. Shocking!

See our step-by-step video tutorial on how to do a simple classic bun yourself without spending a fortune at the salon or a ton of time at home. And let us know how it comes out!

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What's your favorite DIY hairstyle? 

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