Jessica Simpson's Sexy Bathing Suit Pic Will Blow Your Mind (PHOTO)

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson continues to amaze with her startling transformation to fit uber-hottie after her second pregnancy. Honestly, she hasn't looked this good since her Daisy Duke days. What the heck is she doing? (Besides Weight Watchers, I mean.) Jess recently posted a pic of herself on Instagram wearing a sexy black bikini with plunging neckline and sky-high heels.


What truly captures your attention is not those breasts -- though, okay, those do -- but those legs! Tonedzilla!


And she looks skinnier than ever. Is there some Kim Kardashian-esque Photoshopping going on here? Who knows, but even if she's nipping and tucking a bit here and there, it would be impossible to fake those long, lean legs. I'm not a bit fan of those crazy shoes, but oh well.

While I have no idea how Jess managed to swim in that suit -- she looks like she's about ready to have a nip slip any second -- there is no denying how spectacular she looks in it. Given how admittedly difficult it was for her to lose the weight after baby number one, this time it's been positively miraculous. Well, not miraculous. Because I'm sure there's a lot of work involved. (And her photo partner is also her workout partner, she says.)

This is the second one-piece Jess has flaunted recently. Perhaps she's saving the bikini shot for when she gets her abs back in fighting shape, but looking at those gams, it's hard to believe they're not already. At any rate, it shows you that one-piece suits can be as smokin' as bikinis.

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Congrats, Jessica, you have officially put most post-baby bods to shame. Kim Kardashian must be p.o.'d.


Image via Jessica Simpson/Instagram

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