How to Give Yourself a Perfect, Salon-Quality Pedicure (PHOTOS)

DIY pedicure

Going to get our nails done at the salon is one of the true luxuries in life. There is nothing like going into the building with cuticles and toesies of horror and walking out all primped and polished. But let's be realistic: It's not always possible. Between the major cash output ($65 for both at some places!) and the time commitment (an hour or two for each), this is one task a gal should learn to DIY.

Am I right?

Of course, it's not always so easy to get that salon perfection in the comfort of your own home.

Luckily, we are here to save the day. Here's a simple way to achieve a DIY pedicure with salon precision. Who knew?!

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What tips do you have for doing your nails at home?


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  • Remove Old Nail Polish


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    Use nail polish remover to remove any old nail polish you've still got clinging to your toes. If you're anything like me, then you tend to leave chipping nail polish on your toes for weeks before doing something about it. Make room for a new color.

  • Moisturizing Bubble Bath


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    Fix a nice warm bubble bath for your feet, like the kind you get in the nail salon. You want to get those tootsies REALLY clean for the application of the polish. Plus, it's just nice to pamper yourself. Soak for five minutes. Ahhhhh.....

  • Apply Foot Scrub


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    Use a foot scrub to get your feet soft and refreshed. All those calluses and dead skin should rub right off -- we hope. Our feet take quite a beating throughout our week, and they need a little rejuvenation sometimes. 

  • Remove Dead Skin


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    OK, OK, so the foot scrub can't take care of ALL of it. Grab your pumice and go to town. Scrub, scrub! Whenever they do this at the salon, it always feels so amazingly good. Getting rid of that dead skin will definitely help your feet to look nicer. 

  • Shape Nails


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    Clip your nails back into a uniform shape and file them away. Some people prefer squares, others prefer ovals. Pick your fave!

  • Push Back Cuticles


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    A lot of nail kits come with cuticle sticks. If you can't find one, a Popsicle stick will do in a pinch. Just gently push back the cuticle for polished perfection later.

  • Moisturize


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    After all of that scrubbing, put a moisturizer on your feet to seal it in and make them nice and soft before you start applying polish. 

  • Base Coat


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    Use a clear base coat to help your nail polish stay on your nails and for it to last longer. It also helps the polish glide on smoothly for that salon-perfect look.

  • Choose a Fun Color


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    It's often so rare that we actually find the time to paint our own nails, so when we do, we might as well be a little bold. Royal blue or hot pink? Let your creativity shine. Moms love a fun color and your kids will be even happier!

  • Finish With a Seal Coat


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    Just like a base coat, the seal coat helps your pedicure last longer and finishes it off with a shiny touch. And there you have it. Salon quality nails right in your own home.


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