Rihanna's New Facial Jewelry Is Nothing Short of Shocking (PHOTO)

rihannaLadies, get out your nose ring. This old-school piercing could become the hot new thing this fall -- but only for the most daring among us. On her cover of the September W magazine, Rihanna sports a pierced septum. That's the wall separating your two nostrils. Riri's got a provocative bauble dangling underneath hers, the better to go with her intense glare and blue forehead, of course.

I didn't know this before, but clearly no one can pull off a septum ring the way Rihanna can. Still, some of us are curious about this kind of piercing. Is it much more painful than an earring? Will it look ridiculous on you at drop-off? And is this the new tattoo for Rihanna?


rihanna w magazine cover

The nose ring Rihanna sports for her cover shot is by jewelry design company Meadowlark. She actually wore a septum ring last month, which turned out to be a clip-on. Oh yeah -- you can fake that, just like you can fake ear piercings. I kind of think Rihanna's the type to go all the way and get the real deal, but maybe she's just trying out the look before she commits.

A real septum piercing isn't quite as radical as it seems. The needle doesn't go through the cartilage; it goes through the skin just below it. Pinch your nose there, and you'll usually feel plenty of thick, fatty tissue to support a piece of jewelry. That said, the area can stretch if you wear a lot of heavy jewelry there. AND, worse, the area is loaded with nerves. (I mean, ever try plucking your nose hairs? No? Oh, heh, neither have I ...) So the piercing can be quite painful. Not that pain is a deterrent for this tattoo collector.

But back to faking it -- that's the good news. If you're curious about trying out the septum ring without hurting yourself, there are plenty of clip-on rings out there. I'm kind of thinking this would be a brilliant look to try out when I drop off my son on the first day of school. I could sport a septum ring and paint my forehead blue, just like Rihanna. But first I need to practice my Riri death stare.

Have you ever worn a septum ring? Would you?


Images via Devone Byrd/Pacific Coast News, W magazine

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