7 Terrifying Fashion Phobias That Keep Me Up at Night (PHOTOS)

fashion phobiasMaybe it's because I once unknowingly spent 30 minutes talking to the guy I was hoping would invite me to the junior prom with poppy seeds polka-dotting my teeth that when it comes to beauty and fashion mishaps, I'm downright paranoid. 

While you think you may have it (and yourself) totally together, there are days when things definitely fall through the cracks. 

If you live alone, some of these are more understandable. But even if you have a full house, you can't always count on someone else to have your back. Quick side note: my mom was folding laundry one Sunday morning before leaving for church, and it wasn't until she had walked down the center aisle and returned to her seat that she noticed her newest accessory -- a lone, black dress sock flung over her shoulder that she'd been hoping to match before she left the house! (Not the look she was going for!) 

The following are 7 of my biggest fashion nightmares 


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What's your biggest fashion phobia?

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