New 'Human Barbie' Is a Whole Lot Scarier Than the Others (PHOTOS)

Bunny Hunter

Guess what, America? We've got our own "Human Barbie"! Finally! After Ukraine has spawned not one but two Human Barbies, meet Florida's own Bunny Hunter.

And if that name doesn't already give it away, the 32-year-old blonde has a lot more than makeup brushes in her arsenal. She isn't dilly dallying with decorating dream houses either. No, this Barbie-look-alike is busy brandishing more than just good looks as her weapon of choice. 

According to her website, Hunter is a "firearms enthusiast, self-defense advocate, and an outdoors lover" and her ideas on how to empower young women may surprise you!


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Shooting since the age of 8 and hunting since she turned 12, this would-be Barbie has her own YouTube channel, which she developed to "equip women with the knowledge and power they need to protect themselves against criminals."

As gun control controversy rages in the news daily, the diminutive doll-like figure is a die-hard Second Amendment advocate. And while she's certainly entitled to her opinion, is accessorizing women with firearms really the best way to empower them?

Of course we're in favor of strong women, but what about the old adage, "Knowledge is power"? Perhaps education and building self-esteem are better weapons of choice. Yes, self-defense skills can be invaluable, but they don't always require an AK-47 or a Colt 45 "cocked and locked," as Hunter suggests.

Unfortunately, we've seen far too many examples of the tragedies that occur when firearms find themselves in the wrong hands. Though it's refreshing that this "Human Barbie" has an interest outside of extreme plastic surgery, we have to question if this hobby is any safer.

Do you agree with this "Human Barbie"s idea of female empowerment? 

Image via Bunny Hunter/Facebook

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