JWoww Debuts Post-Baby Look That Is REALLY Super Sexy (PHOTOS)

jenni jwoww farleyBecoming a new mom to bundle of joy Meilani isn't the only BIG change for Jenni "JWoww" Farley! Since giving birth last month, JWoww's undergone a new mama makeover. Looks like she finally did something she may have been itching to try while she was pregnant: Dye her hair!

And we're not talking a few highlights or even a light ombre job. Prepare yourself for a full-on, all new and improved, BLONDE JWoww. Check out the "mid-transformation" and "after" shots she shared on Instagram today.


Her caption? "Blondes have more fun, right!?" Love it! Looks like Snooki's BFF is beyond pleased with the "sick job," courtesy of Toms River, New Jersey, stylist Joei D. Fox. As she should be, because it looks incredibly natural and actually really suits her.

Not everyone can flip from dark brunette to golden caramel blonde bombshell so flawlessly, but it seems like Fox figured out the best way to pull off that transformation for JWoww. At least judging from this snap, the shade of blonde really suits her skin tone -- and that's the key, of course, as we've learned from previous brunette-to-blonde star switcharoos, like Kim and Khloe Kardashian!

Just goes to show there's no harm in flirting with 180-ing your style. You may be pleasantly surprised -- and, like in JWoww's case, even MORE glam and gorgeous than you were to begin with!

What do you think about JWoww's new look? Have you ever gone from dark brunette to blonde like her?


Image via Mejia/Thelonius/Splash News

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