6 Ways to Pull Off Blue Nail Polish When You're a Mom (PHOTOS)

Essie blue nail polish

Back in my day, only the wild, punky girls with dyed black hair and -- gasp! -- double-pierced ears! at my junior high wore blue nail polish. Oh the times, they have a-changed. Blue polish is totally mainstream and is, in fact, tres on trend. You can't throw a bottle of nail polish remover without hitting a celeb sporting a blue manicure.

Now, I'm all for wearing whatever darn color of nail polish you want, no matter how old you are! But, if you're feeling a little unsure about straying into the blue zone, I've got some starter steps you can take. With these looks, you'll be stylish and hip but feel like a grown-up person (versus the girl in detention coloring the ends of her hair with a black Sharpie).

Come on in, the water's blue!

Do you wear blue nail polish?


Image via EssiePolish/Instagram

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nonmember avatar stella

love this, especially #3 look

linzemae linzemae

Mom's aren't supposed to wear blue polish? Guess I bettergo get my sky blue shellac taken off...

Rooobeee Rooobeee

I have always loved wearing blue polish, especially a royal blue. But for me, the polish has to be the perfect shade of blue. I know I can't really pull off a slate blue (looks too greyish for my skin tone), but I am going to try for a turquois blue. Right now, my favorite blue that I own is a cobalt blue creme.

nonmember avatar Jenn

Why shouldn't Moms wear blue nail polish? My nails are currently very long, black, white and sparkles. I've received several compliments, though I DO wonder when it became acceptable to ask a person if a portion of their anatomy is real...

nonmember avatar krystian

Why are these women paying 18 bucks for a bottle of nail polish?

I put maybe 2 bucks for my ice polish and it works perfectly fine!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar Jamie

This article is silly...wear whatever nail polish you want. I'm a mom and Ive got mine painted sparkly blue right now, not really concerned whether or not I'm "pulling it off"

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