Clare Crawley's New Shorter Hair Looks Fabulous (PHOTO)

clare crawleyFirst she cut Juan Pablo out of her life. Now she's giving love another chance in Bachelor in Paradise. And did you catch her appearance on the red carpet for the premiere? Clare Crawley cut four inches off her hair! She's sporting the super-trendy long bob we've seen cropping up on celebs all summer. Less hair, don't care! Those long, back-grazing locks have been chopped to just about shoulder-length. And it's given her a lift. But I wonder -- does this new hairstyle go deeper that that? Is Clare trying to tell us something with her hair?


Because a haircut is never just about changing your look.

Super cute, right? Love it. Check out her caption from the photo she posted just a couple days ago: "4 inches off! #freshcut #outwiththeold."

Crawley went from "the girl who fell for Juan Pablo's bullsh*t" to the girl who stood up to Juan Pablo, called him on his bullsh*t, and felt stronger because of it. What better way to signal that she's washed that man out of her hair than to actually cut it off? She's not carrying that baggage around with her any more than she's dragging around extra hair. Right? Okay, maybe I'm reading too much into it.

Anyway, the fresh-start "lob" looks great on Crawley. She's made it her own with those cute finger waves framing her face. Take a glance back at her look when she was on The Bachelor, and you can see how flattering the new 'do is. It really lightens up her look and makes her look more energetic.

I think this is a great cut for any woman looking to leave the past behind and make a fresh start with love or anything else.

What do you think of Clare Crawley's shorter hair?


Images via Clare Crawley/Instagram

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