Women Told They'd Be Beautiful If They Wore a Mask in Hilarious Ad (VIDEO)

ideal woman mask the onionWith all the plastic surgeons, cosmetic treatments, and HD-ready FLAWLESS! makeup out there, it's almost like we don't have an excuse for looking like a regular human being. And yet, I am a regular human being who doesn't want to get plastic surgery and does not have time for elaborate contouring. If only there were a mask that would make me beautiful in a snap. But not just beautiful in my own, unique way: No, beautiful in the same way everyone on TV and the tabloids are. Oh wait, there is! The new Ideal-Woman Rubber Mask!

Okay, I'm joking of course -- and so is The Onion, who made this parody video for a mask that lets you literally "put on your face." It's supposed to be a critique of beauty standards. You know, how our culture pushes this "ideal" image? High cheekbones, white flawless skin, full lips, wide-set eyes, etc. But they've also tapped into something a lot of us find strangely appealing.


I mean, don't you wake up some mornings and feel like it's all just too much effort? I'm talking about the cleansers and creams and serums and radiant finish BB tinted moisturizer with SPF 300, and eyelash curling, and miracle mascara, and blush with bronzer. Ugh! Obviously no one is making us put all that junk on. But a lot of us want to look polished or, at minimum, like a more refined version of ourselves -- but with as little effort as possible because we are BUSY as hell, yo.

Obviously no one wants to wear a suffocating mask all day, although I think part of the concept of the parody is that our beauty standards are so narrow, they're suffocating. (See what they did there?) But it would be nice if you could walk out of your house feeling beautiful with as little effort as pulling on a mask.

Anyway, no one is suggesting women ditch all our makeup here. It's just a silly video to make you stop and think a minute about where you get your idea of beauty, and how much work you're willing to put in to get it. Wouldn't it be creepy if we really did all look exactly alike?

What does the "ideal woman" look like? Hopefully there's as many answers to that question as there are women on the planet.

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Who do you look to for your standard of "ideal" beauty?


Image via The Onion

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