Moms Who Get Insanely Expensive Haircuts Like Me Shouldn't Be Judged

woman getting haircut, expensive haircuts for busy moms on a budget

I have had a number of various haircuts in my life, and even though I have pretty good hair (it's thick and wavy and generally easy to style), I tend to be like most people in that once I leave the salon, it never looks like that ever again.

Well, that is, unless I'm willing to buy lots of hair care products and spend way too much time blowing it dry. And even then, it still doesn't look like it did when I got up from that chair.

That's all changed since I found the most awesome hairstylist who just so happens to charge $150 a cut. But let me tell you, it's worth every single penny.

Why I Pay $150 for a Haircut

Look, I'm a single mom of four kids, so trust me when I say that I get living on a budget. And rewind a few years ago, I would have thought a person spending that much money on a haircut was crazy.

I might still secretly think I'm a little crazy, actually. But don't tell anyone. 

But you guys, my hair has never looked so good with me doing pretty much absolutely nothing to it. Look at the photo!

It's so awesome that I'm willing to save my pennies to spend it on these pricey haircuts every couple of months.

Yes, the salon color certainly helps. But even if I weren't getting regular dye jobs, I will from now on have my hair done by this amazing stylist.

The first time he cut my hair, I actually didn't even need to put product in it. I would wash it at night, sleep with it wet, and wake up and go right out the door. 

Now I do put a little bit of a beach spray in it, either when I wash it at night or during the day. And I use a very good shampoo and conditioner (which really does make a difference if you're wondering).

In either case, I let it air dry, maybe scrunch it a bit with my fingers, and go on my merry way.

I am the first person to be very skeptical about someone charging that much, especially when I used to think $50 was a lot for a haircut. But when he sat there and played with my hair for awhile, asked me a ton of questions about my lifestyle, what I did for a living, how much time I had to spend on my hair, I knew he was on to something.

And then, when I didn't have to do a thing to it for it to look like it had been styled in the salon, well, that clinched it for me.

The best part is that I get compliments all the time on how great my hair looks -- when I'm leaving the gym, of all places. In fact, my hair actually looks better after I've worked out and sweated a bit.

Sure, I could blow it dry or use a straightening iron if I really wanted to. But seriously, who has time for that? I definitely don't.

As a single working mom, time is money. I'm willing to spend the extra upfront to save the time it would take me to keep it up on a daily basis.

Plus, it forced me to budget a little better so I could afford the extra. And I'm not gonna lie: Great hair = happy mom = happy kids. That might sound like a little bit of a stretch, but given how thrilled I am with the results and how much extra time and energy I have, I'm going with it.

Would you spend $150 on a haircut?


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nonmember avatar Michelle

$150 every COUPLE of months? Jesus, that's damn near $1000/year! Obviously you aren't on THAT tight of a budget...I have to save my pennies for a $50 haircut and color every SIX months...the fact that you even wrote a post about this means you should do something far more constructive with that kind of money than spend it on your hair.

nonmember avatar Kristi

Unless you have kids that are going without so you can spend uber bucks on your hair, I really don't care. I spend $0 with a hairdresser and I can wash and go too.

fave82 fave82

I don't see anything wrong with it if someone has the money to do it. Maybe she cuts corners on other things so that she's able to splurge on this for herself..... and maybe not. Maybe she just makes more money than she's letting on.... either way.

Would I do it? Hmm no. But I'm sure I spend money on things that other people would tsk tsk at and judge me. I spend about 130 every 2 or 3 months on cut and color and tip.

00NoW... 00NoWay00

I spent around that for a cut and color a few weeks ago, but that is a special treat for me. My haircuts normally cost around $50 including tip. And I only get it cut every 12 weeks or so. If I had more money, I might do it more often. To each their own.

Denise Marsh

I don't think any moms should get judged?

iicar... iicarmerin

If your kids have everything they need and don't have to go without then I don't see a problem. If you have to take money from your food budget for an expensive haircut then you need to reevaluate your priorities. I get a $60 haircut 4 times a year because I can afford it.

Happy... Happydad73

If the pic above is your haircut, you have seriously wasted $150. It looks like you just got done with an 8 hour shift on the assembly line or a day of housework.

nonmember avatar jlw1403

I was thinking the same thing, Happydad

nonmember avatar ColoradoMommy

Can i say holy crap! Where are you all getting haircuts at for $50+? My current stylist is 10 bucks plus we love her so much we tip her 5 bucks per each of us and it's only me and my daughter so 30 bucks for both of us total. Only time i have ever done more than a haircut was when as an xmas gift from my inlaws i got cut, color and style for like 70 and she did an amazing job. I dye my own hair with box that i use coupons on so it's not that much and i have fun doing it myself plus we don't really have much extra money so i do it for as cheap as possible. Im hoping to do cosmetology school soon so that way i can do mine and my daughter's. I already do both my boys and my husband's but theirs are easy due to husband and oldest get buzz cuts and my youngest gets a Mohawk with buzzed sides

nonmember avatar NoWay

Is this a joke? I could've done that to your hair with my kindergartner's blunt scissors and only charged you half of what you paid.

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