Selena Gomez's Scandalously Short Shorts Scare Us (PHOTO)

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selena gomez selfieHow short can short shorts get? One daring young woman has gone where no other woman has gone before to answer that question in the name of science. Witness Selena Gomez in her teeny denim cutoffs. Da-yum! They're so short, I kind of feel like I should just post the photographic evidence and end the post right here.

But no, let's discuss. Have a look and tell me, is derriere underhang the new side boob? As we head into the dog days of August, is this about to become a thing?

selena gomez short shorts


You have to be some kind of Wonder Woman confident about your rear to pull this off. Direct sunlight can be so cruel even to fit, toned women. Maybe the ripped bits of denim help camouflage cellulite? Regardless, wearing shorts this tiny is your way of telling the world you are young, fearless, and hot.

And you're not expecting to sit down in a public place any time soon. The practical side of me is wondering if you'd have to spend the whole day standing, or if you'd have to carry around a special sanity cushion for restaurants, or how that all works, exactly. What about hot car seats?!? 

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As for styling super-short shorts, notice how Gomez has topped hers with a flannel shirt. Which is so tasteful! You know, because if she'd worn a crop top or tank, that would have been too much. You really have to strike the balance between floozy and unisex/tomboy when you're working the rocker chick almost-not-there cutoffs. I'm not being facetious, here. I'm serious -- this is actually a good way to style them. Not that I'm endorsing shorts this short. Just, you know, if you're going to do something this dangerous, make sure you do it right.

What do you think about these cutoffs? If you had the ultimate confidence in your figure, would you dare? 


Images via selenagomez/Instagram, Mark Kreusch / Splash News

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nonmember avatar Michael

Less revealing than a swimsuit, so why not.

mona165 mona165

She dont even have anything to show... I wonder why she did that, and how her parents felt about this.

Hmmm... what people do for attention. ..

mayba... maybaby180

I think if she feels comfortable in them then more power to her enjoy I don't care. She's an adult so it doesn't matter what her parents think.

steph... steph0420

Shit, if you got it, flaunt it

gogoh... gogohas2babies

I think this has been a trend for sometime.....i say if you got it flaunt it......

mompam mompam

She's young and cute, why not?

tootie07 tootie07

Why not?how about because it's trashy. I love Selena and she has a great figure but this is just too much. I think you can be sexy and not look trashy. This crosses the line. Come on ladies let's have a little class. Side note... Even if you are cool with seeing this I can't imagine anyone thinking it's ok to walk around where children can see you when your butts hanging out.

nonmember avatar Me

She has no self-respect and no calves either.

debor... deborahann1957

She looks like it makes her happy let her show it if she think she has it Peace to much crap going on in the world to worry about it .

mayba... maybaby180

tottie07 then the children will see gasp a butt. You know that thing everyone has.

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