Scary-Skinny Mannequins Spark Outrage & What Happens Next Is Amazing

mannequins in a store window
A shopper, offended by an ultra-skinny mannequin on display at a department store in Scotland, took to Twitter to state her case and successfully had the rib-revealing dummy removed.

Mel Fraser told Primark she'd prefer to see mannequins in "all different shapes and sizes" because she doesn't want "young girls thinking this is the only way to be." As a result of her Tweet, the department store agreed not to use this skeletal mannequin again. 

But the issue makes us wonder: Are protruding ribs synonymous with beauty? I don't think so. 


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I know there are people whose body types are naturally slender and for whom exposed ribs are perfectly normal, but when I think of visible ribs, I immediately picture starving children from third world countries or eating disorder pamphlets.

I don't equate protruding ribs with beauty or health. Does Primark? 

Because mannequins aren't typically so detailed, we have to ask, did the department store go out of its way to ask for this skeletal mannequin? And if so, why?

We just got over the whole "thigh gap" trend, are exposed ribs the next level of "skinny equals beautiful"? I sure hope not. 

Do you agree that this rib-showing mannequin should be removed? 


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