7 Celebrities Who Secretly Have Gray Hair

celebs who are grayGray hair. It's a milestone we all reach sooner or later whether we like it or not. The fact is, some of us arrive there kicking and screaming with hair dye at the ready, while others embrace the transition and let their natural hair shine through. Of course, in Hollywood, the former reigns supreme. God help the actress who admits to having gray hair or, God forbid, actually lets those silver roots fly.

Gwyneth Paltrow -- the high priestess of superiority -- for instance, is famous for having said she's never had a gray hair. The comment seems highly dubious for someone already 40, but one can at least understand the worry she has in deigning to admit that she, like all real people, is aging.

So what is a graying actress to do? Hide it! Some admit it. Others are caught in between appointments. So who are these famous ladies who are secretly gray? Here are seven of them:

Do you have gray hair you hide?


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  • Katie Holmes


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    Katie Holmes is known for being generally well put together, but she has also been known to go it in public like any mom (please see: unkempt and generally looking exhausted). It's OK. It's normal. But the paparazzi caught her grays on camera and now we ALL know.

  • Jennifer Lopez


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    Jennifer Lopez is gorgeous and glamorous to the 9,000th degree. But she is in her 40s, so if she's between salon appointments ... well, just look. She has some gray. So what? She's sexier for it!

  • Kelly Ripa


    Image via Christopher Peterson/Splash News

    Kelly Ripa is way too on top of things to ever be caught with the errant gray. But she's down-to-earth enough to cop to having them. We knew there was a reason we love her!

  • Demi Moore


    Image via All Access Photo/Splash

    NOBODY is hotter than Demi Moore, but let's face it. She's in her 50s. Was she caught with some gray hair? Yep. Doesn't matter. She's still amazing-looking!

  • Kate Middleton


    Image via James Whatling/Splash

    It was a photo that made huge waves when Kate Middleton was spotted with some stray silvery locks. So what? It just makes her look more distinguished.

  • Nicole Kidman


    Image ©iStock.com/Edstock

    Nicole Kidman is the epitome of grace and elegance. Did some roots show her age? Yes, they did. But Nicole is not one who needs to feel ashamed. She is still one of the greatest beauties in history.

  • Jennifer Aniston


    Image via Jag Gundu/"Life Of Crime" Premiere/Getty Images

    Jennifer Aniston is a perfectly coiffed actress, so it's amazing to hear her even admit she has some gray hair. It happens to us all and we deal. It'll be OK. She's still flawless.

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