Body-Shaming 'Muffin-Top' Billboard Gets Hilarious Facelift From Vandals (PHOTO)

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muffin top billboard

While vandalism is nothing to be proud of, we can understand why someone may have wanted to deface one particular billboard in Ann Arbor, Michigan

The original body-shaming message, courtesy of Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery, reads: "Friends Don't Let Friends Muffin Top." Or it did, until someone with a can of spray paint decided to issue a more uplifting message to passing motorists.

billboard gets facelift

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The words "You're Beautiful" were scrawled above the surgery center's crossed-out tagline, ostensibly offering viewers a more positive take on their appearance.

On its Facebook page, Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery stated that the group's ad wasn't meant to be offensive but rather was intended "to get people to chuckle." 

I don't know, is feeling overweight and unconfident something to laugh about? With all the talent these doctors most likely possess, is that really the best they could do? Wouldn't before and after photos of a life-changing corrective surgery have been a more powerful advertisement rather than one that addresses a bit of flab that spills over your waistband? Muffin top, which has been around far longer than its silly title, certainly isn't something to strive for, but it's hardly a condition that requires medical attention.

We get that this practice is looking for an eye-catching new way to attract patients, but we don't think shaming people who have a few extra inches around their middle is the way to go about it.  

Do you think the sign is improved by its new message?  


Images via Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery/Facebook and Tk Ghiloni/Twitter



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luvmy... luvmybubs

The billboard doesn't even make sense. So are your friends supposed to buy all the muffin tops plastic surgery? Or just tell them to go get it? This would be a better ad for a gym to get friend/group memberships.

nonmember avatar Joyce

There is an obesity crisis in America, it is not beautiful. Fat people die sooner.

nonmember avatar Miss Ann Thrope

Muffin tops have more to do with wearing clothes that fit than with obesity. I'm just over 300lbs (shut up, I'm finnally working on it) but I don't "muffin top" because I get pants in my actual size. On the other hand I know girls half my size who "muffin top" because they wear their pants too tight.

Prett... PrettyWings29

@Joyce, so plastic surgery is the answer for the "obesity crisis"? How about providing education on nutrition and fitness, pressuring big food companies to get rid of the chemicals in food that cause quicker weight gain, getting people to turn off their electronics and go do something.

What's not beautiful, is being an asshole. 

nonmember avatar Sarah

If it was for a GYM, maybe you could make an argument that it's good because it's fighting the obesity crisis. But it's for plastic surgery, which is only good in very in VERY extreme cases, and without proper diet and exercise it is immediately gained back.

Besides, a "muffin top" can appear on anyone, any size or shape. You don't need to be obese, I've seen them on people who are UNDERWEIGHT. It has to do with what you wear more than anything else. If you have a bit of skin sticking out over your pants, get new pants. Chances are you're not obese, you just need to get fitted. Even if you are a bit chubby, obese and chubby are different things. You can be a bit overweight and not on the verge of death. Whenever someone tries to share an uplifting body image message someone says they're promoting obesity and such. They seem to forget that it's not either in perfect health or obese, there's quite a bit in between.

allie... alliesaurus

wow, this ad is so wrong in so many ways. real friends do not care if you have a muffin top. Like others have mentioned, muffin tops occur mostly on people who are wearing poor fitting clothing and has little to do with actual weight. They really should have made a more positive ad. I have a feeling this is just going to backfire for them....oops!

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

They're right. Friends don't let friends have muffin too. They tell them their pants aren't flattering and go shopping for ones that fit!

nonmember avatar Belinda

This ad isn't body shaming. If you have a muffin top it's because your clothes don't fit. And that's not cute so a friend won't let you dress like that.

nonmember avatar JMS

I agree, muffin tops are usually due to squeezing yourself into pants that are four sizes to small. So be a good friend and tell them to get clothes that fit. No plastic surgery needed!

nonmember avatar Candi Sanders

You can be thin/slim and still have a muffin top. For some women their middle region just doesn't pop back into place even if they do loose weight. But fat shaming isn't going to help with the obesity problem in this country. Teaching healthy eating and portion control will help.

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