Body-Shaming 'Muffin-Top' Billboard Gets Hilarious Facelift From Vandals (PHOTO)

muffin top billboard

While vandalism is nothing to be proud of, we can understand why someone may have wanted to deface one particular billboard in Ann Arbor, Michigan

The original body-shaming message, courtesy of Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery, reads: "Friends Don't Let Friends Muffin Top." Or it did, until someone with a can of spray paint decided to issue a more uplifting message to passing motorists.


billboard gets facelift

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The words "You're Beautiful" were scrawled above the surgery center's crossed-out tagline, ostensibly offering viewers a more positive take on their appearance.

On its Facebook page, Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery stated that the group's ad wasn't meant to be offensive but rather was intended "to get people to chuckle." 

I don't know, is feeling overweight and unconfident something to laugh about? With all the talent these doctors most likely possess, is that really the best they could do? Wouldn't before and after photos of a life-changing corrective surgery have been a more powerful advertisement rather than one that addresses a bit of flab that spills over your waistband? Muffin top, which has been around far longer than its silly title, certainly isn't something to strive for, but it's hardly a condition that requires medical attention.

We get that this practice is looking for an eye-catching new way to attract patients, but we don't think shaming people who have a few extra inches around their middle is the way to go about it.  

Do you think the sign is improved by its new message?  


Images via Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery/Facebook and Tk Ghiloni/Twitter

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