Harassed Female Meteorologist Gets Back at Troll in the Best Way

Meteorologist Julya Johnson When Tennessee-based TV meteorologist Julya Johnson received an unsolicited and unappreciated letter from a viewer criticizing her fashion choices, the veteran forecaster saw it as an opportunity to speak out about judging people based on their appearance.

While previously "weather girls" were known for their plunging necklines and figure-flattering frocks, Johnson's attire is hardly skimpy. Still, the author of the letter -- "A WATE TV Friend" -- found fault with her "high bodice" dresses.

The handwritten letter, which begins with a compliment to Johnson's professional skills, ends with a question: "Do you have any dress or dresses that don't fit snugly under your [bust]? Please!" Yikes.

If you're doing your job well, just how much should what you're wearing matter? 

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See the letter below:

Letter to Julya Johnson

This leaves us with so many questions. As more companies adopt "business casual" attire policies and fashion trends tend toward revealing more and more skin, the fact is clothing really shouldn't indicate how seriously a person is taken. Of course, there is the odd profession -- law, banking, or sales come to mind -- where clothing is the be all, end all, but meteorology certainly isn't one them, right? I mean no one wants a meteorologist who looks like she is on her way to a nightclub, but that hardly shoots her credibility. And besides, that's not at all how Johnson looked anyway. And while it might be a little strange to receive a physical from a doctor wearing an old Mötley Crüe t-shirt, in the end, the thing that matters should be how well people do their job. In Johnson's case, it was the forecasting the weather. She delivered it well. The end.

If an "elderly person" doesn't like her clothing, so what? 

Because the letter Johnson received bore no return address, she posted it to her Facebook page along with her response. She noted that if making it on a "Best Dressed" list mattered more than an accurate forecast, she could've saved herself "a ton of money on that meteorology degree."

Johnson also shared some hard-won insight that almost everyone should take to heart:

I have 'changed my appearance' to please people before. It never works. So, I please myself.

Good for you, Julya! We think you look great exactly as you are!

How much do other people's opinions matter when you're choosing work attire? 

Image via Julya Johnson/Facebook



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Jenny Palmer-Gray

I agree that clothes do not make a person. My office has a casual dress code and for the most part it works. I think that as long as the clothes cover you (i..e. not very low cut shirts or short shorts) and still have a professional manner than you fine. To me professional manner means that the clothes are not dirty or ripped. About the only thing that we aren't allowed to wear at my office is shorts. This is mostly about being covered as we work with members of the public. You also won't please everyone so it is best not to even try.

nonmember avatar Nanciea

...That's your idea of a "troll" and "harassment"? While it is uncalled for and uneducated, that's all it is: uncalled for and uneducated, it's bound to happen seeing how entitled viewers/fans can be. Might want to think twice before slinging such strong words into an article title just for the pageviews.

Stacey Anne Harris

Oh come on! I swear people get their panties in a twist at the most stupidest things. This was an old woman who had to put her two cents in on how she didn't like the other woman's outfits.  Old people do that..it's what they do. Complain about those youngsters that dress such in such way.  She didn't even say it in the letter in a mean or cutting down matter. She even apologized for her opinion and even stated that she was beautiful.   This meteorologist in my opinion could of shown a bit more class by simply sending a note back saying "thank you for your views and thank you for being a viewer. Or ignored it. But no..she makes snide comments on tv (saw the video on another site) and also on her facebook.  If she were a meteorologist in my state I would stop watching her.

BGarcel BGarcel

I agree with Stacey. The meteorologist, her supporters, and this author took the letter waay to personally.

Pj Perry

I have watched Julya many times, and although she's a bang-up meteorologist/weather girl, her "fashion sense" is non-existent!!  Dark, dreary colors....granny-style choices...plain jane hair style with never a change...etc etc.

 Nobody ever said you have to wear slinky, 'look-at-me' show-off clothes to be on TV, BUT you DID choose a high profile profession, am I right? You knew you'd be in the public eye on a daily basis, right? So why not respect that position by showing some pride in your wardrobe, and making it easier on your viewers eyes???  The anchors on your channel don't invest in Barbie Doll clothes, but they always look very nice.  There are more colors than dark blues, browns, maroons.....pastels are not only beautiful, but are perfect for summer...there are styles for young women (as you are) that don't flaunt all your assets, but are modest and tasteful (as your anchors have proved!) and attractive.

 You don't have to continue to hide your light under a bushel; you can be very attractive and fashionable in a classic sense; you can avail yourself of ALL the colors of the rainbow; you can play with hairstyles...curly, straight, up, down, half-up....instead of the lazy, hang-down unstyled fall-out-of bed-and-go straight look you prefer.  Think of all of us who admire your skills in your chosen profession, and give us something to look up to.  Be proud of the beauty God gave you and stop hiding in the plain brown wrappers!!

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