Jennifer Lopez's Bathtub Selfie Is Uncomfortably Intimate (PHOTO)

jennifer lopezHot mama! Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 45th birthday recently, and from her ex Casper Smart's weird message to her to Khloe Kardashian's Instagram pic from the celeb-packed bash, JLo's big day was the talk of the town. But before the American Idol star did her hair for her party, or got dressed, or put makeup on, she did something else: She took a bath. And, naturally, she snapped a selfie in said bath. (What, you don't do that, too?)

I feel a little weird sharing Lopez's bathtub selfie with you guys, as the photo just seems so intimate, but hey -- she put it online, so I guess she's cool with it.

If this is what 45 looks like, good lord, bring it on.

Wow, right? Sure, Instagram filters always lend a gracious helping hand, but JLo doesn't have a lick of makeup on in this photo, and the wet, slicked back-hair look isn't exactly forgiving on everyone. Whatever Lopez is doing, she should keep it up (and share with the class), because she looks unbelievable. It's hard to believe the woman is only five years shy of 50!

Somewhat unrelated, anyone else get the reflexive desire to run to the grocery store for some cheap flowers to rip apart and sprinkle in a bath? (Or at least clean their bathtub?) Lopez looks so tranquil in her petal-filled tub.

Then again, maybe it's just the filter. Happy Birthday, JLo!

What do you think of JLo's bath selfie? Hot or a little much?


Images via Jennifer Lopez/Instagram



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nonmember avatar A

How do you know she's not wearing makeup


My GOD, she's stunning.

Tom Cloyd

Uncomfortably intimate? I think that's about you, not her. I just see incredible style.

nonmember avatar J

When she broke up with Ben and threw her $80k ring at his forehead I stopped worrying about JLo. Doesn't bother me one way or the other.

nonmember avatar Sandy

I think it's in very good taste. I see nothing offensive about it. She's lovely.

Anoth... AnotherKim

If I looked tha good, you bet I'd take picures like that every freakin' day.

kaycann kaycann

Not st all she looks fantastic!!

Maria N Mike Chance

I'm not a hater or anything I wish I looked like that now but if all of us have the amount of money and resources we could all look like that lol

nonmember avatar Dolly

That was professionally photoshopped. Her face in paparazzi pics looks way older. Nothing to be amazed about.

Susan Hogan Feinauer

Whether touched up or not, I see nothing about this photo that is "uncomfortably intimate". I think it's all in the perverted little mind of the writer of this ridiculous article. I'm not so much a fan of JLo, but I can't deny she is gorgeous!

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