Former Male Model Is Now a Stunning Woman (PHOTO)

Andrej Pejic transgender modelFormer male model Andrej Pejic, 22, is sending shockwaves through the fashion world and beyond after announcing Wednesday that she underwent sex reassignment surgery

Going forward, the lanky blonde, whose androgynous good looks were discovered while the then-teen was working at McDonald's, will be known as Andreja and will continue to model ... women's fashions! So what does this gender-bending news mean for women who aspire to already-unattainable standards set by the fashion industry?  

The Serbian-born stunner said she knew by the age of 13 that making the transition was something she wanted and needed to do. While it's wonderful that Pejic is now comfortable in her skin, how much more challenging does this make it for the average gal?


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Andrej Pejic transgender model

Let's face it: I could ride my bicycle from coast to coast and sweat my way through dozens of hot yoga classes and I'm still never going to be able to achieve the super-slim hips Pejic rocks.

While androgyny has been a long-admired quality for models, if your features clearly identify you as one gender versus the other, that shouldn't make you feel bad about yourself, right? The catwalk was already a pretty unnerving place for anyone without a Birkin bag's-worth of self-esteem. And fashion mags that airbrush already-flawless faces only add to insecurity. 

But rather than flaunt the fact that she looks stunning as both a man and a woman, Pejic is using this experience to offer a heartfelt message of acceptance to teens struggling with gender and sexual identity issues: 

"To all trans youth out there, I would like to say respect yourself and be proud of who you are. All human beings deserve equal treatment no matter their identity or sexuality," Pejic said in a statement released via GLAAD. 

Loving yourself as you are and exuding the confidence that accompanies it is often considered one of the most attractive traits women can possess.

Since making her announcement, the headturner, who has graced the covers of Elle and New York magazines, has been proudly posting pics of her new look on both her Facebook page and Instagram account. 

How this will impact teens, women, and the fashion industry in general remains to be seen, but something positive coming out of the fashion world is always worth celebrating!

Do you think of Andreja Pejic's news? Is her message to youth is a helpful one? 

Images via Andreja Pejic/Instagram and Andreja Pejic/Facebook

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