Britney Spears Goes Super Revealing for Her New Lingerie Line (PHOTO)

britney spears intimate collectionSomeone's been working it especially hard lately. Have you heard about Britney Spears' lingerie line? It debuts September 9, but she's been teasing the launch of The Intimate Collection with a photo of herself modeling a bra and panties set. And that's all we get to see for now. If you check out the website, Intimate Britney Spears, you won't see anything more, yet. Boy does Britney know how to build anticipation ...

We've managed to gather some scoop about this fashion line, though. Here's everything we know so far about Britney Spears' Intimate Collection.


britney spears intimate collection

Here's Britney explaining her vision for her lingerie line. "Every woman should feel confident and beautiful in everything she puts on. My vision for The Intimate Britney Spears is to create pieces that are sexy, luxurious, and comfortable at the same time." Sexy and comfortable -- Britney, how did you get your hands on my boyfriend's button up shirts? Hah, kidding. Seriously, though, sexy, luxurious and comfortable is a tall order. How does she plan on delivering?

The clothes are being described as "quality sleepwear" featuring "lingerie sets, bustiers, kimonos, and night gowns accompanied with basics, sweats and jersey sleepwear." And this apparel will be decorated with "detailed shoulder straps and stunning embellishments, in addition to crochet edges, satin ribbons, and lace trim."

Sounds fancy! But this is luxury you can afford -- and wear. The sizing is all-inclusive (A to J cup sizing), and the prices are pretty darn reasonable at $17 to $79. You'll be able to buy it at boutique retailers (probably the kinds found at malls?) and online at Bare Necessities.

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So what do we think thus far? Well, all we have to go on is this one photos. And it's ... okay. I guess? Britney's bra and undies set features sleek styling with sheer panels in black. It's definitely not Dita Von Teese's collection, but it looks good for every-day wear (thought I'm not into the high-waisted style). On the other hand, I'm not excited by the first peek, either. There's not much going on here that's particularly unique or that really says "BRITNEY!" for that matter.

Maybe we just haven't see the best of the line, yet. I mean, bustiers and kimonos? Satin ribbons? Bring it on!

What do you think of Britney's intimate cothing collection so far? Do you want to see more?


Images via Intimate Britney Spears/Facebook

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