Chris Pratt French Braids Intern's Hair With Very Impressive Results (VIDEO)

Chris Pratt French Braids HairApparently, Chris Pratt, star of Parks and Recreation and the soon-to-be-released Guardians of the Galaxy, can do plenty more than just act. In a surprising twist, the handsome husband of star Anna Faris showed off his amazing French braiding skills during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Because the relationship between a woman and her hairstylist is a sacred one that develops over time and involves mutual trust, we want to know: When it comes to placing your treasured tresses in someone else's hands, how do you feel about those hands belonging to a man? Not happening, you say? Well, what if that guy just happens to be a Hollywood heartthrob?


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Isn't that gorgeous?

The leading man was put on the spot when the ET interviewer busted out an Instagram photo of the handiwork Pratt performed on his wife's golden locks.

The hunk happily got down to business French braiding the hair of one very lucky intern, and the result is pretty incredible, prompting us to ask: Would you let a man style your hair? 

The intern Jen reveled in Pratt's "gentle" touch. (Isn't that why some women prefer male gynecologists?) And everyone knows stars like Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson place their much-talked-about manes in the capable hands of male stylists, but what about you?

For years, I visited a male hairdresser every few months for highlights and a trim and I loved it. We talked about everything from brunch recipes to the antics of the Real Housewives and I always looked forward to seeing him. Then one day I started noticing that although he was very attentive when I was dishing on those topics, he wasn't really listening when it came to my hair. After he refused to "just trim the ends" and lobbed off a few inches instead (ouch!), nixed my body-wave suggestion, and flat out said "no" to going any blonder, I knew we had to part ways. 

Could this have happened with a female stylist? Of course. But something in his insistence that he was "right" reminded me of my father driving us miles in the wrong direction despite the rest of the family shouting, "But the sign said the other way!" 

Would I try another male stylist? Absolutely! And if he happens to look like Chris Pratt, even better!

Would you trust your hair to a male stylist? 


Images via YouTube; Chris Pratt/Instagram

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