'Allure' Calls Out Lauren Conrad on Her Style for Most Insane Reason

lauren conradCan you believe? Allure magazine called Lauren Conrad a "basic" bitch! They're not saying she's cranky or mean. "Basic" is a label for a certain kind of girl who, as they put it, wears blowout sausage curls, skinny jeans, and a ballet-slipper-pink manicure. Oh, and she smells like vanilla cupcake body milk, whatever that is. But wait, that sounds like a lot of girls? What the heck does this label really mean?!?

Friends, basic bitch isn't just a label -- it's a lifestyle. Are you basic? Take our quiz and find out!


Give yourself a point for every "yes" answer.

1. Are you so obsessed with Sex and the City?

2. Can you name which Sex and the City character you are?

3. Do you drink pumpkin spice lattes?

4. Have you ever Instagrammed a latte?

5. Do you take manicure selfies?

6. Have you ever Instagrammed a latte with heart-shaped foam art?

7. Do you love Louis Vuitton handbags?

8. Do you own a fake Louis Vuitton handbag?

9. Can you quote lines from the movie The Notebook?

10. Have you ever defended Taylor Swift?

11. Do you have a favorite Real Housewives?

12. Do you own or long for a Tiffany's Heart Tag toggle necklace?

13. Are you partial to pink cocktails, especially Cosmos?

14. Have you pinned Marilyn Monroe quotes on Pinterest?

15. Do you consider cupcakes a major food group?

16. Do you wear your yoga pants when you're not doing yoga? In public?

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17. Do you feel like you need a new pair of Uggs?

18. Do you just LOVE Greek yogurt so much?

19. But do you still love FROZEN yogurt better?

20. Do you enjoy watching the movie Love, Actually without irony?

21. Do you use the word "literally" every day?

22. Do you hate it when people tell you what the words "irony" and "literally' really mean?

You know what? Forget adding up all your points and doing the math. (Hating math: SO basic) Here's what I think. We're all basic bitches. Every one of us has worn something or used makeup or eaten something that is "basic." ESPECIALLY the bitches who think they're not basic. There's nothing more basic than claiming you're not basic. Are you following me?

My point is, Lauren Conrad doesn't have to be so defensive -- see her Twitter response below. She should wear what she wants and do what she wants. Her style, her choice.

This label is kind of meaningless. It just means you like a lot of the same mainstream things other people do, with enthusiasm. And there's nothing wrong with enthusiasm.

Oh, and Allure? There are more than four kinds of girls.

How basic are you? C'mon, admit it. #SOBASIC #YOLO


Image via Allure

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