Blake Lively's New Site 'Preserve' Gives Gwyneth Some Serious Competition

blake livelyExciting news from Blake Lively -- she's just delivered her baby! Derr, that is, Lively launched Preserve, her new lifestyle website. After weeks of teasing the site went live Monday and already people are comparing it to Gwyneth Paltrow's web magazine, Goop. But I have to tell you, there's almost nothing Goopish about Preserve. The two couldn't be more different. It's like Lively went out of her way to make her website as different from Paltrow's as possible.

So what's Preserve got that's different from Goop, and what do we think of it? Is it more down-to-earth and accessible? We dug around to give you the scoop.


1. Holy day and night, check out the difference in looks! That's the first thing we noticed.



2. There are ooverlapping categories. Both sites have recipes, wellness tips, fashion/style, and cultural notes (books, music, art, etc.). Preserve is also going to cover what they call Intimacy: "The quiet moments that make life most precious." (So ... not sex tips?). And they cover Home and Projects, so maybe we can expect some home decor advice.

3. They have different obsessions. The overall theme of Preserve is "American Handicraft" -- and unofficially, storytelling -- the things worth "preserving" tell a story. The summer issue is about New Orleans, summer barbecues, a tattooed biker (men's style), an old-school hat maker, cool cocktails, and the art of letter writing. Goop's current issue has a feature on "Demystifying the Diet."

4. Both have nifty tools. Goop has an app. Preserve does not, yet, that we could see. But it does have a bookmarking feature called (you guessed it) " My Preserve" that lets you save articles you want to return to.

5. Both do shoping, but differently. We've all gotten sticker shock from Goop's shop. There's the $90 eye treatment, the $400 skateboards, the $360 maxi dress, to say nothing of the jewelry. Over at Preserve's shop, you'll see lots of artisan pantry goods. There's bloody Mary mix, flavored salts, and curry-flavored ketchup, also funky light fixtures, silver spoons, and flowered neckties. You can shop all the articles through a pull-out menu, which reveal some slightly less Goop-priced dresses and accessories. The $395 Clark Rose wrap dress is already sold out, but you could pick up the $28 berry bowl.

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In the Artisans section you can learn all about the people making your American handcrafted goods.

6. Both do charity, but differently. Like Gwyneth, Blake Lively loves to give back. Preserve has partnered with homeless services organization Coventant House. They'll be donating 5 percent of purchases to the nonprofit.

7. Preserve is NOT Blake Lively. For better or worse (I think mostly better), Gwyneth's voice and personality is all over Goop. Lively is kind of ... I don't know. Is this her? In her editorial (the only part she wrote) she says, "'Preserve' isn't me. It's a handful of the most dedicated, soulful, wise, patient people I've ever had the honor of working alongside." Maybe that's another way she wanted Preserve to be different from Goop.

What do you think of Preserve so far?


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