LeAnn Rimes Gets Suspicious-Looking Stain on Her Dress (PHOTO)

leann rimesY'all, this is unacceptable. At a fashion show this weekend, LeAnn Rimes got something on the back of her white dress. She probably just sat on a spilled drink. But naturally, because of its location, everyone's all, "uh oh, that time of the month for you, LeAnn?" And, well, unfortunately you probably could make a case for that. But honestly, I don't care what that stuff on Rimes' dress is. Here's a much more important question we should be asking.


leann rimes

Why didn't anyone tell her there was something on the back of her dress? Come on! This violates the sisterhood code: If you see a woman having a potentially embarrassing wardrobe malfunction like this, YOU TELL HER ABOUT IT. Don't let her keep wandering around with that schmutz on her dress! What's wrong with you, everyone at the fashion show?!? This is just so wrong.

Here's what she tweeted from the show. Um ... maybe it's just sweat?

If it were me, I'd want someone to discretely pull me aside and tell me what's going on behind my back. And then I'd probably run to the restroom and see what kind of damage control I can do. But that brings up a challenging question: What DO you do when you've got an embarrassing stain and you're away from home?

You could try to get that stain out, ASAP. If it's not too conspicuous to disappear into the ladies' room, run in and see how much of the damage you can undo with cold water or club soda (if it's handy). On the right fabrics you can rinse out a stain as long as you get on it quickly. Soak, squeeze out, rinse, soak, squeeze again. Don't rub. Then blot dry or use the hand dryer.

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Otherwise, you can try hiding. Maybe you were lucky enough to bring as sweater you can tie around your waist? Or you can enlist the help of a friend or S.O. (Eddie, this is where you come in!) to stand right behind you at all times. Or you do that thing where you just keep your back to the wall. Or you just kind of hold a book or handbag behind your back.

Or you could just own it. We've all been there. Accidents happen and it's not a big deal.

If you had a stain like this on your dress, would you want someone to tell you about it, or is ignorance bliss?


Images via LeAnnRimes/Instagram, via Brock Miller/Splash News

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