Hilary Duff's New 'Couple' Tattoo Is Actually Going to Last (PHOTO)

hilary duff bffPoor Melanie Griffith. I don't think we ever thought she'd have to have her Antonio Banderas tattoo removed. But when it comes to celebs, the ink definitely seems to last longer than the average marriage. Maybe they should stick with temporary tats? But here's another kind of couple ink worth getting: The bestie tattoo. Hilary Duff and her BFF Alana Masterson got matching ghosts that read "Ride or Die." You have to see these.


Aren't they sweet? There's some kind of private joke going on here that no one but they understand, and I love that! The ghosts are just creepy enough to be cool, but in a light, adorable way. They're mysterious. And they look great. Sisters before misters! (Why does that not have the same ring as "bros before hos"?)

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Duff and Masterson have been friends for 12 years. When they were girls, they might have made friendship bracelets for each other. Now they probably want a more grown-up way to mark their relationship. They could wear best friend necklaces. But maybe those are still too "sweet" and juvenile.

Choosing matching tattoos is a much bigger commitment than braiding bracelets. Have you seen these matching sister tattoos? It really speaks to the permanence they seen in their relationship. And yet -- I think they were smart to pick matching designs but not inking each other's names on their bodies. That way, if they ever part as friends (and we hope they don't!) at least they won't have to have the tats removed.

If you got a matching tattoo with your bestie, what would it look like?


Images via Hilary Duff/Instagram, Dr. Woo/Instagram

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