Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Design Their First Bridal Gown & It's Gorgeous (PHOTO)

Confession: the only thing I know about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's fashion design endeavors is that they once created a very popular line of clothing for tweens and that they made a killing doing so. I had no idea whether they were actually good at designing or if their name allowed them an opportunity to find fame and fortune while pursuing yet another career.

Oh, I am so eating my words. The former Full House stars haven't simply grown up (can you believe they're 28?) but they've grown a great deal professionally. And the proof of this is that they recently created their very first bridal gown for long-time stylist friend Molly Fishkin.

And it's beyond dreamy.


Knowing their style, I didn't expect the twins to create a bridal gown that was too frilly or extravagant. MK is the bohemian one, of course, so we were destined to see something with hippie flair, BUT we know Ashley is a lot more conservative and would temper her sister's wild design desires.

Here's the amazing result:

That romantic all-over lace! That scalloped scoop neck and -- my fave part -- the unexpected sheer bell sleeves! Swoon!

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Fishkin says she has been friends with the Olsen sisters for 15 years and totally trusted them when she asked them to create something special for her. I bet she isn't the least bit disappointed -- and the girls (full-grown women, I mean) have found yet another thing they're really great at doing.

What do you think of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's first wedding dress design?


Images via Mary-Kate Olsen/Instagram, jennapcaine/Instagram

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