Jessica Alba Rocks Perfect Makeup-Free 'Mom' Look (PHOTO)

Jessica AlbaIf there's one place other than the gym where it feels utterly pointless to wear makeup it has to be the airport. And guess who agrees? Jessica Alba, who went makeup-free at LAX on her way home from a vacation in Mexico with her family. Of course, she still looked fabulous -- this is a woman who doesn't need the extra primping. But still, we are so with her on this one.

Alba almost looks like a typical mom in the photo below. There she is, schlepping Haven around the airport in a stroller like we all do. And you know what? If she can pull off the makeup-free mom-dash through the airport look so can we.


jessica alba

HAWT! Alba has that vacation glow you get when you've been out in the sun. And when you've got that glow, you don't want to cover it up. This is the best time to let your natural beauty shine. In fact, she probably went makeup-free the whole time she was on vacation. And when you do that, it's kind of a drag to go back to doing your face again. So no hurry with that.

Jessica Alba being Jessica Alba, she managed to make the casual, en famille look appear fly as heck. She's got that black and white fedora to go with her flowing t-shirt, black blazer, black and white pajama-style pants, and black patent leather sneakers. Which, by the way, is a look I think I should steal next time I'm at the airport. It's stylish and utterly comfortable at the same time.

Do you bother wearing makeup at the airport?


Images via Instagram, Splash News

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