Hairy Legs Make Major Comeback Thanks to Daring New 'Club' (PHOTOS)

razor burnSick of shaving your legs? Well you're in luck, because hairy legs on women is in style this summer. Not since the summer of 1915 have we seen such a warm, welcome embrace of hirsute gams. All of a sudden, women everywhere are throwing down their razors and waxing kits and saying NO MORE. No longer will we be slaves to hair removal and razor burn. It's time to liberate leg hair!

Two Tumblrs, Hairy Legs Club and Very Hairy Legs, have inspired thousands of women to stop shaving and waxing their legs -- or at least change the way they feel about staying hairy. And there's also a Facebook group, WANG (Women Against Non-essential Grooming). The thing is, some women can't shave for health reasons, others can't keep up with the growth, and still more feel like we just shouldn't feel pressured to shave if/when we don't want to. There are a million different reasons for ladies to go fuzzy, so we decided to let a few speak for themselves through some of our favorite quotes and photos from the Tumblrs.

Do you think it's becoming more acceptable for women to not shave their legs? How do you feel about body hair grooming?

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Nonny... Nonny2Blaise

I'm sorry but that's just disgusting. I can't stand the feeling of stubble on my legs. What point are these women trying to make? That it's okay to just not give a shit? Sorry but I don't think so! !

sunmo... sunmoonandstar

I shave my calves when it gets to a certain length just because it itches so bad if I don't, otherwise I wouldn't give a crap! I rarely shave my thighs, I barely have any hair up there and it doesn't even get very long anyway for some reason so I don't feel the need to.

It's just hair, it's not hurting anyone, I don't see the big deal.

nonmember avatar Darks

I love this! I was raised in a home where my mom didnt shave her legs, weird to most people but normal to me. This isn't shocking at all and I totally love the idea. And I know I'm pretty weird for thinking that but who cares? Those aren't your legs. And whatever body hair style you wear as long as you love it. Don't let your world revolve around others opinions.

Prett... PrettyWings29

The first two look like man legs. Whatever floats your boat. I can't stand sleeping with stubble, though. 

nonmember avatar Sarah

I don't shave my legs for other people, I shave them because I prefer the way they look shaved, and the way they feel shaved. Same with makeup, I wear it because I like how it looks.

Honestly, if you want to shave your legs, do. If you don't, don't. We don't need some sort of social movement.

I would appreciate it if people kept their underarms shaved, however. Those things get gross and stink, and then it starts affecting those around you. I don't care if your legs are hairy (I also don't generally study whether or not your legs are hairy) but I do care if I'm stuck next to you on the bus or something and you reek.

SoJaided SoJaided

That's nasty. Sorry, but guys will be SO turned off by that. It's just gross looking and makes them look like dudes

adamat34 adamat34

I'm horrified by this article.

Since when did being soft ad feminine become some sort of "anti" statement???

All of these legs remind me of men, bulky men.

Razors are 5 for 5 at Dollar General...... Please.

Liz132 Liz132

I shave them when I feel like it, I don't see leg hair as a big deal. I'm blonde anyway so you can barely see my leg hair.

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