Hairy Legs Make Major Comeback Thanks to Daring New 'Club' (PHOTOS)

razor burnSick of shaving your legs? Well you're in luck, because hairy legs on women is in style this summer. Not since the summer of 1915 have we seen such a warm, welcome embrace of hirsute gams. All of a sudden, women everywhere are throwing down their razors and waxing kits and saying NO MORE. No longer will we be slaves to hair removal and razor burn. It's time to liberate leg hair!


Two Tumblrs, Hairy Legs Club and Very Hairy Legs, have inspired thousands of women to stop shaving and waxing their legs -- or at least change the way they feel about staying hairy. And there's also a Facebook group, WANG (Women Against Non-essential Grooming). The thing is, some women can't shave for health reasons, others can't keep up with the growth, and still more feel like we just shouldn't feel pressured to shave if/when we don't want to. There are a million different reasons for ladies to go fuzzy, so we decided to let a few speak for themselves through some of our favorite quotes and photos from the Tumblrs.

Do you think it's becoming more acceptable for women to not shave their legs? How do you feel about body hair grooming?

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