9 Common Summer Beauty Fails & How to Fix Them

spraying on skinSummer is in full blast and we're in for a world of pain. No seriously, when I think of July and August, my feet hurt preemptively just picturing the blisters my sandals will give me. I can feel the prickly heat breaking out on my arms. I know what my mascara will look like as it slowly creeps down my face (why not just apply it directly to my jaw and save myself the trouble?). And I can feel the beach sand itching you-know-where. Help!

We need some remedies! Here are 9 of our least favorite summer beauty fails and how you can prevent and treat them.


beauty pains

1. Sandal blisters. Breaking in a new pair of sandals hurts! To prevent blisters, you can smear on Band-Aid Friction Block stick or attach moleskin to your feet. But let's say you just didn't get around to either and you're already stuck in Blister City, population you. Dr. Nadia F. Levy tells Fashionista NOT to pop that blister: "The best way to handle it is to take some gauze and just cover it up until it pops itself. Once it’s popped and a little more exposed, you can put an antibiotic ointment on there and just continue to cover it up with something, but keep an eye on it and watch for an infection and keep it away from dirty areas." Give up on sandals that hurt you over and over again, just like you would a guy who keeps hurting you.

2. Underarm sweat stains. Surprise! It's your antiperspirant that's causing those yellow underarm stains, not sweat. Switch to an aluminum-free deodorant, or choose a low-aluminum antiperspirant, or at least let it dry completely before getting dressed. To pre-treat underarm stains, make a solution of one part water, one part baking soda, and one part hydrogen peroxide, or use a NON-chlorine bleach.

3. Sunburn. Lucky you, we've written at least two posts on this subject. Find out how to deal with it by reading 6 Surprising Sunburn Treatments and 5 Weird Sunburn Cures -- which both give great tips using ordinary things you already have in your house.

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4. Bug bites. Just like with sunburn, there are many ways to treat a bug bite using things you have at home. And here are 5 more natural ways to treat bug bites.

5. Frizzy hair. My hair puffs up into a Brillo pad in humidity, but the right product can tame the frizz into curls. Sometimes I work an oil like argan oil into my hair at the fist sign of frizzing. I'm also a fan of DevaCurl Styling Cream, but there are dozens of good anti-frizz products out there. Apply whatever remedy you choose, and then work your hair into finger curls.

6. That not-so-fresh feeling. Sitting around in a wet swimsuit can lead to a bacterial infection. This is just one more reason to stay active -- when you get out of the water, don't just plunk down immediately. Take a walk or at least stand a bit to let the bottom of your swimsuit dry out. You probably don't have to go so far as doing a yoga handstand right there at the pool ... but you know Hilaria Baldwin would!

7. Sand everyfreakinwhere. I didn't learn this one until I had kids, so just in case you haven't already heard: Baby powder is the answer. Dust a little on your legs and wherever else on your body where sand is sticking and it'll brush off much easier. Here's how to get sand out of your swimsuit lining after you've taken it off.

8. Melting makeup. Here are 8 Melt-Proof Makeup Tips. I've been using that Holika Holika waterproof mascara (mentioned in the post) and I love it. A mineral finishing powder (like Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil) will help set your makeup on hot, muggy days.

9. Heat rash. Adults get it, too! Every once in a while when it gets really hot, I'll break out into little red bumps up my arms. Calamine lotion and cool compresses will help with mild outbreaks of heat rash. To prevent, stay in air conditioning and wear light, loose clothing.

What are your least favorite effects of hot weather?


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