Rachael Ray Slams Store for Triple Zero Size Clothing But Insults Women, Too

There's at least one woman on television who is perfectly content NOT being a size 0: celebrity chef Rachael Ray. While promoting her "Shelter Cats are Beautiful" project, the 45-year-old animal advocate came down hard on a popular clothing chain that has started offering a vanity size she says no one needs: 000.

Ray says she was working out in the gym when she learned J.Crew had changed the sizes of its popular preppy-inspired trousers, shirts, and dresses. And she didn't hold back when it came to telling us how she really feels about triple zero-sized clothing.

Ray called size 000 the "most silly, asinine" thing she'd ever heard and questioned "what human with any sort of reasoning skills" would even want to fit into a triple zero pair of pants. She went on to argue that there isn't a need for such a small size and that women who either starve themselves or overindulge are unable to make valid decisions because they aren't thinking clearly.

The retailer defended its choice to offer size 000 -- which is the equivalent of a size XXXS -- because, a spokeswoman for the company said, it is addressing a demand for smaller sizes that is coming from Asia. She insisted J.Crew is not practicing vanity sizing, which is when a retailer sizes its clothing down in order to fool women into thinking they sport a smaller size than they actually wear.

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I understand where Rachael is coming from -- sort of -- because, yes, vanity sizing has gotten out of control. But she's making the assumption that ALL women who fit into a 000 are anorexic or unhealthy. Not so. Just as there are millions of women who fit into a size 14 and who work out and eat well, there are also lots of women with size 23 waists and naturally petite frames who would drown in a size 0 dress.

There's no need to take such a harsh stance against women of any size -- 14 or 000.

What do you think of Rachael's comments about size 000 clothing?


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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

A 23" waist is actually a size 6. They might drown in a size 0 but only if there's a lot of vanity sizing at play. J Crew sizing is way off for women and kids. My youngest wears 12-18 and 18-24 almost everywhere else but a size 3 from there and I wear a smaller size there than I do with other brands.

the4m... the4mutts

Vanity sizing is ridiculous. I don't shop JCrew, because I refuse to pay those prices, and don't understand their sizing. But over all, I wish they would just start sizing women's pants the same way they do men's. Waist, and inseam, with different styles and cuts.

There's no way that women will ever feel good about themselves, or have an accurate body image if they are (like me) a size 20 at target, but a 14 at walmart....

Nannette Couch

You buy what fits! And if there is no market for these then the store will stop making them...I see naturally small women all the time and wonder how they find clothes outside of a children's dept.! And their clothes are so expensive it isn't like teens will be going out and starving themselves to wear them, and if they did they would be suffering from a serious issue that needs help and not the other way around. Stop attacking women-women! And let's just make each other stronger and so confident in ourselves that we don't have to care about such nonsense.

nonmember avatar renee

i am a size 0 to 1 i do not choose how big i am if it was up to me i would be 130 and a size 6 but GOD didnt make me this way. im a proud mom of two girls. i was 163 with one and 143 with the other and when i left the hospital i was 95 and no i wasmt happy i thought for once i was gunna actually gain some weight. it makes me so mad when ppl look at me and say " it would hurt if you ate a burger once in a while" it makes me cry cuz i have no control over my very high matabolisom ( sp)

Teri Cathrin

Before I had my third son I was a size 00, and sometimes that was too big.  And I eat healthy and excersize.  But not to any extreme, I am just naturally very petite, like every other woman in my family.  I am now a size 2/3 and am confortable with myself.
I think women need to learn to accept thier bodies and be proud of who they are.  As long as you are eating right and doing a resonable amount of excercise and you are at a healthy weight why should your dress matter to anyone. 

D.j. Lord

mistaken but not insulting

Connie Bilello

She makes complete sense. Size zero is not a beautiful body. It is not a body to envy at all. She is 100% correct, I worked 23 years for WW and we would all agree that this is a very very small size and not too attractive!

nonmember avatar Hope Johnson

I am size 0-1. Ive tried gaining wait I eat all the time. Just this past Sunday I ate a whole pot of spaghetti to myself. Didnt gain a pound. I am a mother of three nd any weight gained during pregnancy was lost s soon as I had my kids. It is not a choice for me to be skinny I wish I were bigger and for you to comment that it is not attractive or a body to envy maybe you should do research onmetabolism. Not all size 0 woman have eating disorders. You could say the same thing about a plusssize woman. I envy plus size woman. All woman are beautiful no mattematterr what size you are.

Samal... Samalama319

Why don't we just stop body shaming people?

the4m... the4mutts

You guys are taking it as an insult to your size, but it's more an insult to the women that feel this need to have their pant size be called 000, rather than a 22inch waist. Vanity sizing is the problem, not your bodies.

Nobody, except that other asshole commenter ΛΛΛ, is saying there is anything wrong with your body. Its a problem with the industry trying to make women feel smaller than they are by saying "you're a size 6" instead of "you have a 28inch waist"

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