The Secret to Preserving Your Manicure Is Right on Your Kitchen Sink

You know how when you're, like, a teenager, and you see something that say, your step-mom does, and you're all I WILL NEVER DO THAT because it looks so goofy and suburban and will totally never fit in to your future jet-setting life of glamour and mystery?

Yeah, so ... about that. Turns out, something I used to snicker at in that way only teen girls can do, is now something I can't live without. Why? Vanity, obviously. Because these babies are the secret to your manicure lasting more than a day. Three words:


Rubber. Dishwashing. Gloves.

I know. Call me Mrs. Cleaver, but once I started wearing those babies. I never looked back. THEY TOTALLY SAVE YOUR MANICURE, PEOPLE. Instead of lasting a couple of days (at the most), my manicures not last up to a solid week (with a little chipping by the end, but really not that much!) And not only that, gloves seriously save the skin on your hands. I love my dishwashing gloves so much, and am so totally addicted to them, that putting my hands in a kitchen sink without them feels weird and wrong. WEIRD AND WRONG, I SAY.

Most of the time I use the regular cheap-o ones you can buy at the grocery store. They cost like $3, and if you put them on religiously, your manicure WILL LAST. It will. It's not rocket science, I know. Water + soap + random debris from your dishes (ew) = wear and tear. But for some reason (see snotty teenager, above), I didn't try wearing dishwashing gloves for years. I used rubber gloves for hideous tasks like, gasp, cleaning the bathroom, but not for the everyday toil of scraping plates and scrubbing forks.

Then, one day, for some reason, I bought a pair for washing dishes. And lo! My hands did not feel depleted and pruney after washing the dinner dishes! My manicure was not flaking off! Could I be on to something, I thought to myself.

Yes, yes indeed I was. And I've been using them ever since. Every now and then, they will tear, and I will be sad, for it will take me a while to remember to buy a new pair at the store, and I will be forced to suffer the horror of getting my hands soapy and wet (that is, when I can't wriggle out of my turn to wash up.) (Oh wait, it's ALWAYS MY TURN.). And I am reminded all over again, what a friend to our hands and manis are those rubber gloves.

In fact, I kid you not, my favorite birthday present this year? A pair of gloves almost exactly like this:

Gloveables pink gloves with leopard print cuff ($15 at

Because if you're going to go suburban, you might as well go all the way.

Do you wear rubber gloves when you do ths dishes?

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