Pretty Girls Posing As 'Ugly Girls' Turns Everything We Know Upside Down (PHOTOS)

Pretty girls are a dime a dozen in this world -- but pretty girls who aren't afraid to look "ugly?" Total BFF material, right there.

The latest hot Reddit subtopic, aptly called PrettyGirlsUglyFaces, is a place where girls who are as beautiful as models unabashedly show off what they say are their worst angles or most frightening expressions. They pull their faces down to allow extra neck flesh to seep out, bulge out their eyes so that they resemble horror film characters, and basically take the anti celeb selfie -- all in an effort to be brutally, refreshingly honest and to change our ideas of what beauty really is.

And it works.

So, if you're tired of seeing so many glam selfies that you just can't seem to -- or don't care to -- emulate, take a minute and check out these "pretty/ugly" ladies.



Image via Reddit

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