Rachel McAdams’ Makeup-Free Look Is Something Busy Moms Can Copy (PHOTO)

rachel mcadamsYou say Rachel McAdams and I think two things: The Notebook movie and eyeliner. That sharply defined eye is practically her signature look. And it's fine -- it's been working for her. But in her latest magazine cover, she took it all off -- and we barely recognize her! McAdams is gorgeously eyeliner-free on Allure. She positively glows with a no-makeup look -- well, of course she's still wearing some makeup. But it's a fresh, barely there look that's perfect for summer. Is this something the rest of us could pull off?


rachel mcadams

Okay, so here's what I'm noticing about McAdams' cover.

1. Well-groomed eyebrows. Her brow hairs have been combed up and strays are banished. Who knows, she may be getting a tiny bit of help from some eyebrow pencil or shadow, but you'd never know just looking at her.

2. Curled, dark brown eyelashes. To keep the look light and natural, it looks like she's gone with a dark brown mascara instead of black, and she didn't coat it on. Just curling your lashes can do a lot, actually.

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3. Rosy cheeks. She probably put on a dab of creamy pale pink blush on the apple of each cheek. Did you hear Salma Hayek's secret to natural-looking cheek color? She says to look at the inside of your mouth. Maybe there's a light dusting of bronzer in there, too. McAdams looks like she just ran in from playing a light game of tennis in dappled sunlight.

4. Just the right amount of concealer. I mean, I'm assuming it's there. Sometimes when I want a minimal-makeup look, I'll skip the foundation, but I'll still dab on some concealer on my eyelids.

5. Natural pink lips. I think the key is to find a color that matches your natural lip color but takes it a wee bit deeper. And then, of course, the color is even over your lips. That's what gives you a natural but polished look.

6. Perfect skin. What can we say? Having perfect skin helps. Of course, she's probably wearing light foundation and there's also probably been a bit of airbrushing. But I suspect McAdams' skin is healthy to begin with. Which reminds me: I so need to drink water right now.

What do you think of Rachel McAdams' minimal-makeup look?


Images via Brock Miller/Splash, Allure Magazine

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